Was King Menelaus of Sparta a Cuck?

His wife Helen ran away with Prince Paris of Tory, willingly leaving Menelaus and their nine-year-old daughter Hermione behind. He fights the Trojan War over her for the next ten years, while Helen fucks with Paris, then with his brother Hector, then with a third brother, Deiphobus; sacrifices his own niece on an altar to appease the Goddess Artemis. Then, she dances around the Trojan Horse three times, imitated the voices of all of the wives of the Greek kings and princes. And then, when Troy finally falls, and he finally comes face-to-face with her, sword in hand, all she has to do is drop her robes for him, exposing herself to him, and everything's instantly forgiven; he takes her back with him to Sparta to be his Queen again, holding no grudge against her and even giving her free rein to publicly recount anecdotes of her sexual life inside besieged Troy; living a harmonious married life with her for the rest of his days. Doesn't that sound a bit cuckish to you?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Nah, if he were a cuck, he would've been getting off on it. The fact that he has to actually forgive her means that she'd done wrong by him. He's just a male version of those women who excuse all cheater behaviors of their scummy boyfriends even though it hurts them.


What Guys Said 1

  • Did Helen actually fuck Hector?

    • Well, she had a close, intimate and affectionate relationship with Hector, repeatedly tells Paris about how much he pales in comparison to Hector, she's the third mourner at Hector's funeral, and at Hector's funeral, she laments how he was the only Trojan who was kind, gentle and loving to her. I'd say it's pretty obvious, wouldn't you?

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