Have you heard of the band Thin Lizzy?


The band was active from 1969-1983. In the space of twelve years starting in 1971, Thin Lizzy put out fourteen albums, including two live recordings.

Thin Lizzy's big break came with their album, Jailbreak, and the record's first single, "The Boys Are Back in Town." In 1976, that song hit #8 on the British charts and #12 in the U. S.

Phil Lynott was the song writer, lyricist, bassist and vocalist. "Along with Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, Lynott was one of the first to merge poetry with rock music. Huey Lewis described Phil's songs as "cinematic"."

Born of an Irish mother and a Brazillian father, he was raised in Ireland by his grandmother. He was very patriotic and proud to be Irish.

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He died in 1986, but is revered by musicians and song writers. Many bands including Iron Maiden, Sodom, Anthrax, Metallica, and Motorhead have covered his songs.

Based on Thin Lizzy's career and Lynott's solo career, there have been few other bands (apart from Black Sabbath) that have been universally embraced and praised by fans, musicians, and bands. Within the heavy metal community, this is especially true.

PHIL LYNOTT: SONGS FOR WHILE Iā€™M AWAY documentary (trailer)

Here are a few of my favorite songs:

This song has more groove than any in history:

Now for some ass kicking and story telling. Any rocker who doesn't lose his/her mind over these next two songs needs a heart transplant.

Have you heard of the band Thin Lizzy?
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