Will there be a Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?

In 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man was released for the PS4. With a remastered PS5 re-release in 2021. It was followed with 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales released both on the PS4 and PS5. And now fast forward to this year, we’re just weeks away from the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Which is technically gonna be the first Insomniac Spider-Man video game to only be released on one console. But as you can see the question is, will there be a third game (Miles Morales was a spin off FYI). I’m asking because I’ve been watching videos about the Green Goblin’s involvement in the second game. Some say he’ll be there, whereas others insist that he be in the third game. Now do I think there’ll be a third game. No, absolutely not. I think that Insomniac will most likely put the web slinger to bed after this game. So I’m gonna create a poll based on how likely it’ll be that a third game will happen
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Okay I accidentally put definitely not twice. The top answer is supposed to be entitled “Definitely”
Will there be a Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?
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