Teaming Up With a Best Friend :)

Teaming Up With a Best Friend :)

Today I decided to meet up with a friend (one of my best friends) at the library today, to do some usual revision- she was doing physics, that's her weakest science, I was doing biology my weakest science, and we were both discussing exams, teachers, life in general, just the kind of things two students would talk about.

We'd finished our revision fairly earlier than expected and we still had some time to kill- so we began talking about our interests and hobbies.

Hers being art, she's drawing one of our friends at the moment- she thought the drawing would turn out badly considering our friend has a darker skin tone, similar to mine, and my friend who is drawing her has trouble with getting the darker skin tones just right because she hasn't had much practice on those types of skin tones. But she showed me today and honestly, the drawing looked so much like our friend! The skin tone was on point, the eyes looked so realistic, the eyeliner looked amazing, the lips could use a little bit more work but I definitely know she can fix them, and overall the drawing was outstanding, the attention to detail and lighting had a colossal effect on the drawing as a whole. I was proud of her for finally managing to overcome the elements of the drawing she struggled with.

My hobby, is writing and I'm writing a novel and I wanted her to read the first chapter. I was so nervous- she was the first person to read it, I didn't know whether she'd laugh in a bad way, just facepalm because it might be bad, so I just sat there with a dazed, nervous kind of smile on my face. Now she's a critical person, she doesn't let anything go lightly without questioning it- if something doesn't make sense- she'll question it, and she's not afraid to get into a debate- I can name countless times when she's debated points with people, even me. But she really liked the first chapter.

Her exact quote:

"I read it like a book [meaning she read it like it was an actual book she bought from a shop not just something a 15-year-old kid wrote at their desk] because it was really carefully thought out about the structure. I think you might need to relax a bit with the word order, otherwise keep doing what you're doing :) The opening was really strong and of what I read it was structured really well and it's branching out really well from where I read. It sounds so cool!

I am happy that I've received such a level of praise from somebody so critical and at the same time some constructive criticism to act as a pointer for improvement.

Then we accidentally came up with the idea of it becoming a comic book.

I said:

"I don't know how I'm going to release it- like a full book or a comic book" By that I meant would I publish it all at once or would I release each chapter weekly when I'd finished.

However, she misunderstood and thought I meant I was considering turning the novel into the comic book. So she suggested I do both, and just as I thought she could illustrate the comics, it was as if she read my mind and said it aloud.

I'm still writing it as a novel, but we plan to release the novel as a comic book too!

We were both, instantly really excited about this. We both make a really good team!

We're critical of each other but in a good way, and we can both give each other praise too.

I take business, computer science- so I'll be good at marketing us and all the tech stuff, and I'm good at writing so I can write the story.

She takes history as a subject, so she'll know events of the past which could inspire a story, she takes art so she can draw all the illustrations, and she's like a ninja when it comes to spotting mistakes.

We always look out for each other and can help each other.

So we're teaming up! Her the illustrator, me the author! It'll be a really fun project for us to work with over the summer and it'll give us another reason to keep in touch at college because we're both going to different colleges.

She's going to a college which specialises in animal care, she would like to be a vet and I'm going to a college which does computer science, chemistry and maths- I would like to go into computational chemistry.

The author/illustrator thing is a hobby for us- if it works out we can turn it into our full-time career both doing something which we love, but at the same time get our qualifications just in case it doesn't.

What are your thoughts on our little story?

Hello! Thank you for reading! Honestly, we're both so happy about it words can't even describe the feeling to its full extent. If this works, then that's great because we'd both be doing our favourite hobbies as a career, with each other and if it doesn't at least we've had a great time together and made some awesome memories! :)

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    That's amazing, you sound like you have real talent.

    I think you should take this hobby seriously. It could take you places. :)


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  • 2d

    No one cares. We're all going to die and hell is here.


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