My Prom Experience As An Introvert :)

So, last Thursday, I went to prom. Originally, I had no interest in going because usually I dislike social events and I'm pretty introverted, but my friends managed to talk me round which was indeed a tough job but they did it, and I went.

And today on Monday, I decided to walk up to the library, during another rainy day in England, to write about it and share my experience. :)

One friend said to me: “It’s always better to regret doing something than regretting not doing something.”

And she was correct! Because the only regret I have about prom is not bringing any spray with me because after all that jumping up and down, I was sweaty. Other than that- no regrets!

I loved it! And I am so glad I went, I had such a nice time with all my friends right from the journey there to the journey back. We all looked great and had a great time. No regrets about how I decided to dress either, a turquoise Pakistani dress, with a silver hairband, straight hair, some earrings, some black flats with a bow on them, and no makeup. I thought about wearing some makeup, but then I thought ‘nah’ because… I don’t really know why I just felt better without it.

The Day/Evening/Night

I woke up at about 11:00 am because by now I’ve left school and I can do that (until I start college :P). To be honest, I just chilled out all day in my pajamas, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Young Sheldon, and some other shows. And then I read my book a little and did some writing until my little brother came home from school (because he still has to go haha).

I let my little brother tell me about his school day, and he told me that because he’s been good all year, he’s going to get to go on a school trip to the cinema, to see either Men in Black 4 or Spider-Man Far From Home. Either way, I’m super envious because Men in Black looks amazing, and then Spider-Man is just Spider-Man and you all know how much I love Spider-Man. Anyway, after I had a little rant about how when my class got to go on that trip all we got to see was the Ghostbusters remake and my brother laughed at me, it was 4:00 pm and I went to go get ready for prom.

I began with straightening my hair, because my hair always takes the longest and considering I hadn’t really brushed it at all that morning I just left it in a bun, yeah, it took me just under an hour. Then I combed it, and found my silver headband and put that in my hair. After that, I got into my prom outfit, then went downstairs and asked my dad if I could take his phone to take pictures and text my friend who was picking me up just to make sure she was definitely still picking me up.

Turned out, she was, and then my dad made me eat some dates for ‘energy’ and drink a Capri-Sun also for ‘energy’. Then we went outside to look out for my friend who was picking me up, but my dad did the thing which parents do, you know when they take pictures. So he took a couple in the garden, which looked nice, and then he told me to stand in the sunlight so I did, but those photos were really unintentionally goofy because the sun was in my eyes. xD

At 6:15 pm my friend came, with her dad and a couple of other friends to pick me up. We didn’t do the whole ‘limo’ thing, we planned to, but everyone refused to pay towards it, so we just went as groups in somebody’s parent’s car. In my friend’s dad’s car, we just jammed out to backstreet boys and took some shortcut, and bam we were there at our prom.

I didn’t like getting out of the car, neither did my other friends because everyone was looking at us, and we were basically the center of attention for about a minute, and none of us like being the center of attention because it’s awkward and we’re awkward and just- introverts.

When we got out of the car we got the biggest hugs from some of our friends who were already there before us, and then we just talked and told each other how nice we thought they looked and waited for some more friends to arrive and once they arrived we were waiting to be let into that fancy hall place that was booked for us.

So while we were waiting the teachers were just talking to us telling us how (quote them) “classy” we looked, and then we were told to stand under some gate thing where they took a picture of us, and then on this field there were people sat there drinking beer alone then once they went, we on to there and took some really nice pictures, some group pictures which I’ll probably end up showing to my future children, and then ones where I asked all my closest friends to get in an individual picture with me, mainly because I won’t be seeing any of them next school year.

Then literally every student which was there, was called to stand in one huge crowd, and some guy from one of the windows took absolutely ages to take one picture of us all as a group, and when he did we were relieved to get out of that crowd.

And eventually, we were let into that fancy hall, where we had one free fizzy drink. It was red and yellow and in a fancy glass which made me feel super classy especially when we clanged them all together in a circle. So we had some nice little conversations, and joked around a little bit, finished the drink put it the empty glass on the table and talked some more.

And before you talk to me about getting drunk, don’t, because it was a 15-16-year-old event so we weren’t allowed alcohol, and even if we were I wouldn’t drink it because I’m a Muslim.

We were then allowed into the room where the DJ and all the flashing lights were and the tables. Instinctively instead of heading to the dance floor straight away I and my friends ran to a table, to sit down, and jam out to the music sitting down. I took some videos and pictures of us. My friends were jamming out so much more than me, I just dabbed and nodded my head up and down, but them, they were full on swinging their hair around and they looked crazy but also good whilst doing it. ;P

Throughout the night we were getting on and off the dance floor. And when I say ‘dancing’ I mean just jumping up and down like a bunch of kids who had way too much sugar.

Honestly, I think I did have too much sugar because I had a full glass of Pepsi, bad for me I know but it was just one night and it’s not as if I do it every day. Then I had a slice of cake and here’s the cool thing about the cake, it had everyone’s school picture on there on a toothpick, and the school tie tied around it. Maybe that’s not cool to most, but I found that pretty cool.

And as for so-called ‘dancing’, I had a lot of people telling me that there was no point in me going to prom unless I had a boy to dance with as in a date to dance with as in slow dancing. But I literally saw one couple slow dancing, the rest of us were just jumping up and down, ‘singing’ (if you can call it that) at the top of our lungs and most of us were doing that as friends, nothing romantic.

We weren’t jumping up and down the whole night though, when I say we I mean me and my friends, because sometimes we’d go to sit back down because we got tired (most of us are unfit). Plus, we had to find out who won prom king and queen, and then just a speech from the teachers themselves.

Towards the end of the night they put on some bops which we just had to go crazy for, Breaking Free and We’re All In This Together from High School Musical, A Million Dreams by P!nk, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Huston, the type of songs which you have to drop everything for and jump up and down to and sing as loud as you can to and ones which you generally remember all the words to. One of my friends couldn’t believe I remembered all the lyrics to ‘Breaking Free’ and told me it was my song, and she was not wrong.

Then once all the mad bops (cringe) had stopped, the DJ just put some other music on, and it suddenly got kind of depressing but also happy in a sense. I hugged every single one of my friends more than once, and not one of those little hugs, a lengthy hug which you hold on to the person for some time and just think about how much you’re gonna miss them.

I mean, most of them are going to a college in a neighbouring city about an hour away, some are staying on at the school sixth form, and then there’s me heading to the city college, so I’m splitting from them in a sense and it’s sad because I’m gonna miss these people like crazy, I’ve had such great times with them all, I still remember our inside jokes and little nicknames from Year 7, fast forward a few years and I’m leaving them because the city college offers what I want to do for A-Levels.

I know at college I won’t make any friendships like these because at college I just won’t have the time. I’m only there for two years, and the workload just increases like the way the Avengers disappeared when Thanos clicked his fingers, almost instantly. So I won’t have the time like I’ve had with my friends now. I’ve had 5 years with some, 11 years with some and 2 years with some, and the exception of one of my best friends who moved here last year, and I know what I said about not being able to make close friends because college is only two years, but college has way more of a workload than school, and the work at college is harder so I will need 110% focus.

Before we knew it, it was 11:00 pm, (the latest I’ve ever stayed out without my parents) and my friend’s dad came to pick us up, and we jammed out to some Coldplay on our way back to my house, and just looked at some pictures. Then I got dropped off at my house and said goodbye to everyone and waved and ran into my gate, down the hill and knocked on my door which my dad opened.

Then I told my dad about prom, and headed upstairs to get changed, we had some tea, watched some TV and then at 1:00 am I went to bed.

Any last words?

Nothing much, other than I didn't need a date to have fun, I had fun with my friends as I said previously from the way there to the way back and it's a nice memory to have.

Leavers assembly is tomorrow and I'm going to cry so much, I'll look like a second rate blobfish by the end of it. ;P

Thank you for reading! :)

Prom 2019! :)
Prom 2019! :)
My Prom Experience As An Introvert :)
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Stingray444

    Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome time 👍

    I knew that you were gonna have a fun experience 😎👍

    by the way, Just like I told you before; You're gonna become a professional writer if you're not one already 😉😅. You're writing is phenomenal. Keep up the good work 👍

  • good for you! . that's the right way to do it, if you want to go, go and make the best of it.

Most Helpful Girls

  • BlackRoseFairy

    It's nice to hear you decided to go after all (I remember your question where you were asking for advice). And it's good to hear you had fun! Keep enjoying those little moments in life! ❤

  • toe curling cute experience

    PS I watch Young Sheldon too!

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  • AlexBlack007

    1. Nice experience you shared.
    2. Men In Black 4 does not have Will Smith in it.
    3. Nothing important, just thought I'd mention that I'm playing Spider-Man right now. 😄

    • Oh, I heard it did? I must be mistaken. Oh well. xD

    • Oh yeah, I'm playing it for the 4th time. 😬

    • Oh no wait, sorry, I was thinking of bad boys lol

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  • Shutupman

    Is this a chapter in your diary? I read like the first paragraph, totally lost me. Good you enjoyed yourself but there are more interesting things to write about than your prom experience. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • No and whether you found it interesting or not writing is writing and either way, I'm gaining experience in the industry.

    • Shutupman

      True but there are so many interesting topics you could pick from that would attract more people to read your stuff. Not to mention you literally wrote what you were thinking, sentences were way too long and plain dull. Overall it was just too long. A good writer should have good content or know how to keep a readers attention. Keep practicing, you are still young of-course!

    • I appreciate your feedback, thank you. :)

      I understand this might not be your cup of tea, and that's cool. Everyone has different interests but there are people out there who liked what I wrote. I write what I think because I need some way to let it all out, writing is that way for me.

      Thank you for reading what you read anyway :)

  • SpunkNugget

    "I know at college I won't make any friendships like these" 😂 you're in for a surprise. Chances are you'll never see most of your current friends again.

    • Well, these days with social media, it's easier to stay in touch and we all live quite close to each other, so there's weekends :)

    • If you say so

    • Swat_

      Its more common for girls to make life lasting friends in high school than for guys.

      I know a couple guys who are still friends in their 30's who've met eachother at highschool. It happens.

  • JesseTheMan

    I didn't go to our equivelant of a prom, I stayed home playing video games or something whwn the dumbdumbs were dancing on their own free time

  • wercik71

    That's amazing. I'm really glad you went. I am an introvert as well and I don't usually want to go to parties, but as soon as I get there (after my friends talk me into going) I always end up having a lot of fun. I'm happy you enjoyed it and I hope you and your friends will stay in touch even after college.
    P. S. I really enjoyed reading this. You have a talent ❤

    • Thank you :)

      It was fun, nothing like the movies- but fun I'd argue even better :P

  • AircraftCarrier

    I'm not going to my school's ball this August. Nobody to take, and I don't want to pay $95 to humiliate myself for half a night.

  • Cage4

    Nice experience it seems like you had a lot of fun. As for me, I didn't go to prom simply because i only had one friend and I hated everyone else in my class lol

    • Cage4

      I was looking at the other comments and I saw this guy saying the prom he had cost him 95$ while yours cost like 25£. Well honestly money was also a reason why I didn't go to prom (cost was around 180$ my classmates back then picked a really fancy place) but it was mostly because i hated the other people there : p

    • I went mainly because of the people, like my friends. xD
      Thank you for reading! :-)

    • Cage4

      Your welcome keep up the nice takes!

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  • i'm glad you went. i can't believe your school could afford a prom.

  • codycccccccccc

    I would ground my daughter if she had such a lame time at her prom

    • I don't think it was lame. What's your idea of fun? :)

    • Sex drugs and rock and roll

    • Well, my dad would "ground" me if I did that ;)

      I'd prefer not to get high, or do something which could potentially get me pregnant whilst I'm still going to study ;)

  • AngeryPlant

    in my opinion nothing beats a good night of dancing

  • Secretgardenblood

    Nice take.

  • Sound interesting

  • Pejtu

    I had my prom in 2013... LOL

  • No_Archons

    I didn't go and I have no regrets.

    • Good for you :)

    • No_Archons

      Ofc I'm a man who doesn't care for fancy dresswear or formalities / superficial celebrations of any kind

  • themomo84


  • Anonymous

    Uh boring
    So you didn't hook up with any guy? 😂 😂

  • Anonymous

    TL/DR. Did you end up bleeding in somebody's back seat?