Rolling Through Life. What Roles Do You Play?

As the years pass I become painstakingly aware of certain things. It just so happens that this is what has recently became clear to me. Please if you or a family or friend feel lost, I urge you to take the moment to actually READ this and not discard this as something that should be taken lightly.

The Path Less Taken

You see over the years I have been what people needed at any given time. I have gone to extreme lengths to be available to any and all that have crossed my path. I have done this in more roles than I care to count, or even remember, but for this exercise let me at least use a few as example's to give you a grasp on the spectrum in which I gravitate and a glimpse into the way in which my mind works.

The Destroyer

Over the years I have been an addict, because life at the time was not the same to me as it is now. Addicts never recover and that is something that ANYONE who has dealt with should know. My addict in me led me to do bad things to good people for NO reason. It is through that in which the bonds of my loyalty were eventually forged.

The Friend

Through the destruction that I caused I saw a new vision of people spring forth and in that I took out the role of a friend. Now to some that doesn't seem like much, but to me a friend is someone who can at times take even more precedent than your family which is of the same bloodline. They are the rocks with which one builds their legacy, the anchor that tethers you to reality, and the faith that inspires you to move mountains.

The Builder

From those friends I realize now that their devotion and imagination, their spirit and their strength are the reason that the call of a new role came. The role of a builder. The role of the builder is something that can never be taken lightly because it is the one that ties life and security around both your family and friends. By building those bonds of loyalty that no man can shake you and your friends build something even more beautiful than a sunrise over the Arctic. You build a dream, and yes dreams are built. Sometimes the dreams that you build are the path into the future. They are the reason that we hope and the cornerstone of our existence.

The Teacher

As time passes on you realize that the time and role of builder may never end, but in that you find you become the teacher. The role of teacher is the one that most people forget the most. As adults either parents or not, it is that role that we should accept and pursue with a sanctity to rival that of the Vatican. As a teacher we are afforded the privilege of helping to shape the next generation that will in turn take our places and continue on in life. It is the role of teacher that eventually leads us to what most people today have forgotten, that is our Legacy.

The Legacy

You see, your legacy is all you have in the end. You can't take it with you, it's not something that you can buy or sell. In the end your legacy becomes a living and breathing declaration of who you were. It becomes something more powerful than a tidal wave and stronger than the rock of Gibraltar. It is eternal, and won't tarnish if you have gotten it freely.

Sadness And A Word Of Advice

People you can't possibly know the sadness that I feel for the world most days. There are times when the weight of this world seems to be overbearing and it feels as if it will crush me into a powder. There are times when that sadness rips through me and is colder than the bitter north winds. These are the times that I have to pull up my boot straps, and march forward. These are the days that I have to remind myself that standing tall for yet one more day may be the reason the world has another builder. These are the days that are the hardest and the light of the world seems like it's been extinguished. Those are the days when you don't hear from me, and the days when there is no smile to dance on my face.

They are the days that I realize who my friends are and aren't and mourn for the people that I lost along this path. They are the days when a kind word helps me stand up again. Now I don't want anyone to think that I am upset over it, I know that our times are short and there are so many things to cram into our days anymore so I will leave on this note. Remember who your friends are, stay true to your roles, and if one of you falls stop and help them up because they need you as much as you need them. Even when they don't know it.

Rolling Through Life. What Roles Do You Play?
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  • MrHealthyHabits

    These days I'm trying to guard against coming off like a know-it-all and remember to let others have a chance to figure things out, while accepting their ideas...

    I saw a Deepak Chopra quote the other day that said "Give up being right"

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  • ifOdinWasAgirl

    The role of a person who seems like she's ok.

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  • The Roach, I will hiss, I look scary, my appearance makes you feel uneasy, but I have no intent in hurting anyone who wasn't trying to hurt me first. Yet I'm often feared more than people who hurt people all the time for no reason. One thing is for sure, you can't get rid of me. No matter how many times you step on me and throw me out, I'll be back the next day as sure as the sun will rise. I've been there for quite some time and you felt fine in my presence, in fact, you likely were only a few feet away from me at many points, but now that you've discovered my presence, all of the sudden you're scared shitless and act like I haven't been there a for long time? I leave on my terms and my terms only, if I want to stay, I will and I'll keep coming back until I don't feel like doing so and go somewhere else. Regardless, I'll be there whether you love me or hate me, your hatred for me does make me feel unwelcome, however it won't make me leave and neither will your fruitless attempts to make it happen, so you might as well try to get along with me.

  • blondecrackhead

    i dont label who i am under one thing like just live like yourself because nobodys the same... like we're all a bit of both. like, you were all of these too right?

    • I'm sure that there are more labels that fit me, but for this piece, those are the ones that stick out the most

  • elduderinosupreme

    I've done a lot of things. Some I'm not proud of. But I did what I believed was neccessary at the time. I stand by my decisions. I also dont think to much about it. I have played many roles. At this point I'm the background noise. I would rather not get involved in anything else. I'm tired and cold.

  • lucas262

    All I can put into words is your not alone in your thinking, there are people that grasp the depth of the human soul and see the pic picture the depth of the rabbit hole and came out the other side.

    So rare im fact are people like that.

    Can, would and will unplug themselves from a matrix.

  • Киттйлинк

    The main protagonists. Always!
    When I leave the room, the world stops 🛑! Until I re-enter it 🥰!!

  • Shark_61695

    Somewhere between the road less taken and mysterious old wizard.

  • unluckyplant710

    A drug dealer for a decade but don't admit it to myself if I'm not using it's okay for some reason. Just a trick in my head.

  • Mrblooo

    I'm like a stone wherever I lay my hat is where I call home

  • NerdInDenial

    It doesn't really matter. When I die, I will be forgotten by 99.9999% of the people in this world.

  • Dongtai

    I’m the protagonist

  • TheWaterisFine

    The protector ! The motivator!

  • Sabretooth

    Sadness And A Word Of Advice

  • liestill88

    the friend

  • WarDaddy1969

    Mechanic, carpenter, dad, ref, leader,

  • Anonymous

    The Michelangelanus