A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.

We've all probably heard of 'Joker' and I've got to be honest I think the movie is pretty great.

Here's why, it perfectly addresses the growing disturbing lives of men of younger generations, and the twisted parenting of Boomers which lead us here.

Arthur Fleck's mother, Penny, begins as a seemingly normal and loving mother figure, complimenting Arthur and also innocently unaware of any hardships which he deals with. The movie assumes the benefit of the doubt at first, and the story is a sweet one.

But as the movie plays on the main plot begins to spell out that his lifetime of fuckery and misfortune, actually, to no surprise, was not an unlucky series of unfortunate coincidences. They had a coherent cause.

It was penny.

A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.

Turns out she was hospitalized at Arkham Asylum -- a mental hospital -- for delusion and neglect. But Arther never knew -- she kept it a secret and sat around the house in poverty putting the burden on her son to take care of her. And he did.

A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.

Joker had a tick of uncontrollable laughter caused by permanent brain damaged caused by her mom's abusive ex-boyfriend -- who apparently chained him to a furnace and beat him regularly.

Furthermore, to cover up this treatment, she creates an elaborate lie about Arthur being the son of Thomas Wayne -- or Batman's Half Brother -- via a workplace affair. And that was the reason he never had a father. This turns out to be a lie. He was adopted.

Thomas Wayne fires her after learning of the details of her personal life before Arther grows into adulthood, and presumably she never works again.

As a result Arther obviously does not get a shot at college or higher education, and so is forced into low-skilled labor jobs, where he is constantly treated like shit by his boss, and he gets jumped out in public while working, as well as often on public transport -- because he cannot afford a car.

Morover, throughout the film he is seen eating nothing but bread and water, and perhaps cheap beer. One scene shows the fridge containing nothing but two loafs of wonder bread and one carton of milk. And it never fills up. In fact, Arther is fired from his job as a sign holder for losing the sign after he was jumped and the sign was broken. He never got another job.

A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.

As a result he descends into madness himself. In shock over how poorly he has been treated consistently throughout his life, he goes into insanity himself. And this is where he begins a killing spree.

Now, what I'm thinking is that this is not so un similar from troubled men today. And I believe that is the point of the movie.

Which reinforces what I've believed to be the case for a long while, which is the mother-son relationship is probably the number one predictor of how well a young guy grows up on society.

That's all. I enjoy film and movie reviews so I figured I write this.

A second look at the role mothers play in developing mentally unstable men.
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  • SkipStop
    I didn't see the movie so my opinion is not exactly correlated to it.
    I do all kinds of research on society by reading news that most of mainstream media hides from the public. Based on my research, the reasons for an increase in messed up boys and men of today has to do with factors that have a domino effect. First, we have all kinds of feminist / misandrist movements like #metoo and #believeallwomen and others. Somehow judjes and politicians bend their knee to them which destroys men. That leads to lack of fathers within families. There are more single mothers than ever. And not having a father figure to show boys what it means to be a real man is damaging the mentality of boys. Mothers are incapable of teaching kids what fathers do. Schools adopted liberal propaganda since it dominates the media which leaves boys further behind since they are not receiving proper education. All of this stuff leads to depression, anger, confusion, and eventually suicide or violence to get rid of all the garbage that has been injected into their brain. All those factors are the leading causes to the problems boys and men are experiencing today.
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    • So you're blaming this on #MeToo? Seriously?

    • SkipStop

      @Jamie05rhs Oh it's definitely a big player. Very big. One of the worst movements ever.

    • I disagree 100%. #MeToo is helping to clean things up and make it better for everyone.

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  • OfDeath
    He wasn't a sign holder. He was a clown. He got fired for having a gun in the children's Hospital.

    People are reading too much into this Joker movie.
    It's just a movie. A made up story about a character. That's it.
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    • Robertcw

      He was a clown, but was sign holding as a clown when he got jumped. He was given a gun after getting jumped on the job and it fell out of his pocket during a job at a children's hospital and he was fired for leaving his post and losing the sign from the other job.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Rocky_Jocky57
    Its not about just mothers. Its about parents in general. An abusive single father can, lead to the same outcome.

    And I agree, a kid needs BOTH parents, not just single mothers where a child can grow up messed win the head. A single father can do the same damage, just like how a man can grow up perfectly fine with a single mother who is actually a mother and a positive rolemodel.

    No matter what, if a child is brought up in an environment where their primary caretaker is a piece of shitn they won't have the best chances in life. My own cousin grew up fucked because his single father, was anything but a father. Some people should just not be parents
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    • A father tends to be more related to how you treat authority (figures) - a mother gives you more of the emotional (and how you treat a woman)

    • A father to a son, also teaches on emotions. A father teaches a son how to control his anger, and frustastions, it also can lead to a son suppresssing his emotions a lot of the time.

  • kim45456
    I swear i have enough of takes, posts, questions which blame on women, women, women and women here on gag. What do you want us to do? Should we kill ourself, so you can't complain about women anymore? That is like the 8th post about hatin on female nature
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    • Robertcw

      Noooo, pls don't do that!

    • ronaldo75

      Don't kill yourself. That's a waste of time. What we would like you to do is grow the fuck up , start acting like adults and admit when you're wrong. It's the only way to grow. Also, where is your bitching for the dozens of "why don't men realize that bla bla bla" questions posted here all day?

    • My dad was verbally abusive and narcissistic throughout my life, and I can recognize how it affects me and my brothers in our adult lives now. And it wasn't until this year when I spent a week with my mother, that I noticed where some of her behavior was toxic and how it, too, shaped my world view and behavior. Parents are only human, but I think its important to stop the automatic vilification of men and start to accept that women aren't perfect and cause damage, too.

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  • You know it's fiction right... and this is the first that Joker has had a backstory.
    • Robertcw

      Yeah, but I think it's also written by people who wanted to make a commentary on society via fiction.

  • blutwolfe
    Honestly it happens with both parents, usually the worst when both parents are abusive, it doesn't have to be just the mother.

    It can also go the other way and he becomes a mommas boy. Probably the biggest red flag women tell me about, he's basically his mother's puppet. Granted I'd say in some form it can relate to the story, but they usually aren't abusive mothers, just sheltering and the boy doesn't know anything else because he never had to.
  • MackToday
    No end of Jokers out there with stories just like this, I could easily have been one of them but I got lucky. Jordan Peterson talks about this quite a bit. People who become bitter and want revenge on the universe it's self for creating them, dictators and school shooters are good examples that he uses.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Sorry, but once your an adult blaming your parents is frelling lame AF. It is just whiny loserspeak.
    • Robertcw

      Spoken like an OC resident. 🤮

  • cice411
    It also can be a commentary for today's political climate. Never understood why so many people hate the current US president. Now it looks like gothams protesters are similiar to the events going on today. Basically the joker is the deepstate and if anyone attempts to arrest him, there's going to be hell to pay. Basically Gotham made a serial killer into a saint
  • Sophie_2301
    My grandmother was very abusive to my father and my father was very abusive to me.
    • :( .

    • My grandmother was awesome - but mom did insist on her right to inflict damage on me to maintain some form of public image she still clings to hard, at the cost to her relationships. Probably trying to impress her, long since deceased, father.

  • MysteriousDarkness
    A boy could grow up with a wonderful mother son relationship and still be like the joker.
    • ronaldo75

      Yeah but it's much less likely. 95% of felons come from single-mother led homes. The two worst things you can do to a male child are 1) take the father away 2) have an emotional terrorist of a single-mother raise him.

    • @ronaldo75
      If the mother is considered a terrorist she would be on the wanted list at least here in America. Show proof that 95% of felons come from single mother led homes.

  • bulletbob555
    Toxic anything can make unstable people. Either parent can mess up kids. Trauma or severe trauma affects everyone.
  • soleil2666
    Makes complete sense - many a women act like utter trash yet are insistent on always being right - AND claiming the moral high ground when all they do is damage.
    And it simply became acceptable because they are louder and more obnoxious (and will scream 'rape' as soon as anyone gets within 10 feet of them with no intention of touching them or talking to them.
    (That is not helped by clueless men who are happy to intervene to blame the guy involved - because a woman (in all her vanity) - is always right
    • @kim45456 The woman? I don't know she is lesbian, but you might want to elaborate.
      If you are thinking different - do enlighten us. And do stop being abusive.

    • kim45456

      You are complaining about feminazis although you are there reason for it

    • @kim45456 I find spasms like that amusing these days. It bothers me not one bit :-)

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  • Sixgun77
    Twisted parenting of boomers? Thumbs down.
    • Robertcw

      Deal with it man. Why do you think school shootings are an exclusively new phenomena?

      It's all relatively recent stuff. What do young people have in common? The age of their parents.

    • Robertcw

      And their upbringing.

  • Good take
  • hollyeood69
    Yes... they may be right
  • Anonymous
    Be realistic its everyone's fault and the joker is a movie, not an argumentative piece I guess you also forgot males can show emotion too and it doesn't mean they have a mental disorder, it also is the males choice that he makes that defines his overall character. I'm sick of the endless streak of everyone blames each other, take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Anonymous
    As a compliment to reading this MyTake, I highly recommend reading books that Josette Sona wrote. They're free and they explain further how parents can really have an impact on how emotionally healthy a boy grows up to be.

    It's so important for mothers to raise their sons in an emotionally healthy manner. Otherwise, she can really mess up a boy's life.
  • Anonymous
    A woman can never understand the depth of men's emotions or why it's so important for men to learn the art of controlling them. It doesn't need any mental illness context on her part. A man is a potentially destructive force, and there's only self-control or forced control (jail time or institutionalization) to counteract it.
  • Anonymous
    after i talked to some other guys i found out there are many men out there who have had shitty mothers. it's weird no one ever dares to tell women how awful they are at being mothers but when i see girls my age and i see how bad they behave i can imagine what kind of mothers they're going to be and i feel sorry for their kids
    • kim45456

      And i can tell you about thousand shitty boys in my life, but i still dont think all men are shit

    • Anonymous

      i cannot read your reply because apparently i have blocked you before so now gag has allowed you to reply but it doesn't show what you've written but by the down-vote i can tell you did not like my opinion

    • kim45456

      Hahhah ok

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  • Anonymous
    The women in my life are exactly why I have trouble expressing emotions. And then they wonder why I don't want to listen to theirs.