Forget happiness; find joy and share it!


In all spectrums of life, people encounter days of good and of bad. Each day results from the decisions of a person's life choices, whether they can be consequences that the person has to deal with for the rest of his/her life, or whether they are rewards, improving the person's future and mindset forever. However, this mix of "yin and yang" is beneficial to the soul and mind, allowing for growth to take place.

Forget happiness; find joy and share it!

Although hardships in life cause people to suffer, these struggles can allow people to enjoy and appreciate everything life has to offer once the "storm" passes. This may be surprising but people who have everything are not necessarily happy. They may have cars, property, a family or "women" to keep them company but until they experience suffering, they will never find happiness in their riches.

Joy is a feeling which comes from a place of sadness, transforming the happiness people experience into appreciation. Most depressed people can feel happy when they are around people, but on the inside, they need joy. Joy to be alive, appreciation for everyone around them and thankful for the world that they live in.

Forget happiness; find joy and share it!

I know that most depressed people cannot find a way out of their state of sadness and loneliness, my sister could not either until she look for a light to help her out— my mom. My sister had been depressed, anxious and in an unhealthy mental state, thinking about suicide and how it could end her misery. Whenever I saw her, I saw the surface-level of my sister— a happy but stressed-out High Schooler. To alleviate her thoughts, my older sister began writing poetry, addressing her dark outlooks on life, until she found her light. My mother as a foundation for my family, reached out to my older sister, comforting, holding, and loving her with all her heart to make her feel important.

Forget happiness; find joy and share it!

From that pain of suffering and misery, my sister found a strong hold in my mother realizing that if she followed through on her plans, it would tear my mother apart, as well as the rest of my family. Today, my sister is well and alive, enjoying every good and bad day in college because she knows that "even though [she's] dying, [she's] fine"(dying due to homework and stress). Everyday, my sister has found joy and is thankful for life and everything it throws at her because she knows that even in the darkest of days, light can be found.

As my mother was a light to my sister, searching her out in the darkness of her depression, we should all be the light to everyone else, especially seeking them out during the darkest times. People need help and without a strong hold to hang to, disastrous things can happen. The next time you see someone looking down, approach them and ask them "How are you doing?" because it would mean the world to them. Even if you are not the most extroverted or steady person, everyone needs someone they can discuss their deepest emotions with, someone who will love them for who they are and will listen to all their problems.

If you need or are seeking help, reach out to someone to talk to them about this because you should not be going down this path alone.

Call 1-800-273-8255 if you need help.
Call 1-800-273-8255 if you need help.

Thank you for reading and go find joy in every struggle you have. Also comment down below about things, people or events that happened to you that you have found joy in.

Forget happiness; find joy and share it!
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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Happiness comes and goes but joy stays.
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  • DJZest
    From bottom to top, the entire universe and all of it's dimensions and content is a flawlessly logical construct. The cornerstone of becoming grounded in truth (the objective reality of all things) requires faith, which is having incomplete knowledge but nevertheless trusting, in God/the Divine/the Universe/personal purpose/etc. To further elaborate: The knowledge one possesses is next to none, but things do tend work out somewhat because faith is a natural part of being. Now, to advance "being" (the soul) requries growth in knowledge/experience, which is the process of making that natural faith more and more complete; it requires effort and persistence founded on a desire to deny darkness and embrace the light.

    "The more light one possesses, the more darkness one uncovers."

    Enlightenment is found at the end of a lenghty and arduous path that leads through the dark desert of delusion, whose inhabitants are preoccupied with seeking out superficial means to cover up the holes in their soul - holes that cannot be filled except via spiritual means - through positive, enlightening experiences; they continually resist looking at their own dreaded self, and will intensely try to prevent anyone around them to even attempting introspection, because this is the first step of true growth, and true growth starts with pain: What do you lack? What do you wish you had? Why do you feel inferior?

    It is only by totally deserting from the superficial lifestyle that one embarks on the journey to self-discovery and self-realization. The reason is that, as one raises their vibration, this can be counteracted, even by the mere presence, of others, who, most often subconsciously, seek to halt any attempted progress. Negative vibrations invite negative experiences, which are filled with lies and all that is detrimental to finding happiness in truth.

    After all, one cannot hold onto anything that isn't true, because all that happens in oblivion is free-floating. Personal-relativistic insanity that marks common relationships in families, friend circles, and business circles needs to be abolished mercilessly. Of course, things should be kept friendly, as much as possible, in upholding necessary connections that sustain one's place in society. But detachment from sources of unhappiness is the realization that joy is found within. It doesn't come from anywhere, nor does it depend on anything or anyone, because it simply is. Start deconstructing all that is false and which obscures the truth.

    "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
    -John 8:32
    • Aj619

      Then how come I know lots of happy LaVeyan Satanist who are happy?

      Just so you know LaVeyan Satanism is the belief you are your own god. It's a religion of self-spirtuality.

    • sparke328

      wow very detailed; I'll give you that. Yes I agree with you for sure and thanks for the Bible quotes. My sister is very founded in her faith right now.

    • DJZest

      @Aj619 It depends on what you define as being happy. Studying, growing and expanding your capabilities, evolving your way of thinking, etc. according to the philosophy of being your own god is one path.

      But it's also like freemasonry, whose lowest ranks are comprised of countless people of the general public who are unknowingly being prevented from finding out who they are at the core of their being. They live under a sophisticated control mechanism that looks positive on the outside, as it somewhat facilitates social interaction primarily amongst themselves but also with "outsiders" because their character, way of thinking, speech, behavior and gesture is put into boxes - following pre-conceived notions that seem to make sense. Such can be learned easily and followed/acted out easily but in totaliy limits the scope of personal expression and self-discovery through action. It is is group-think mentality at its finest.

      A word of warning is due: Contracts and rituals of engagement/acceptance are dangerous, because they are a renunciation of spiritual protection mechanisms. Annuling any agreements made is of vital importance.

      The path to acquiring the highest order of being lies in indivuduality. Joining a religion like free masonry or any other, including many Christian churches, often ends in stultification of one's soul, to the point of, as I've personally witnessed countless times, total dedication to self-destruction due to being caught up in an insanely chaotic web of ever-growing disinformation.

  • scooogy
    People just need to open up to issues which are just there by logic. Such as the other sex being victim of something the one sex seemed to be the only victim of for decades. Otherwise this is just sexist.
    • sparke328

      how is this sexist? I'm not taking definite sides in my MyTake though I am expressing how I feel and understand depression and how joy can come from it.

    • scooogy

      no, I mean for example if people say only women could get stalked, and they'd ignore men getting stalked just because they don't want to believe what they say.

    • sparke328

      okay not what I'm saying but good point! That does happen a lot, like the #metoo movement

  • ohshee
    I Think your a Beautiful person
  • rigidity_teeth_man
    Dam. That resonates
  • TravelerNikki00
    Good take.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • nik_2995
    Good one
  • Jennifer_32
    Nope, not doing it.