My adventurous, adrenaline-craving parents


Given the recent comments on the take where I outlined some pros and cons of me travelling on my own, I've decided that I need to tell you a little more about my parents for you to better understand my background.

[Especially the comments from @Jjpayne, @Agape93, @Gedaria]

This is a cute story if you care to read it at all :)

We all love travelling :)
We all love travelling :)

How they met

They met at a church event when they were 15 but only got together when they were 21. They got married at 24 (they're the same age).

My mother thought that my father needed to get more mature, and she told me recently that it was worth the wait.

My parents had both started to get to know each other more closely when they were 18/19, but then my mum went to South America and my dad to Australia for a year, to travel. When they met at yet another church event after they had returned to Austria, they were shocked to see the other person, mainly because they had expected the other person to still be in another contintent.

After that, they started writing each other letters, some of which I've secretly read, they were a little odd, not embarassing at all, but long - sometimes four pages/day. My parents both worked at the time and didn't live close to one another.

Then, my mum moved to his city and they got engaged a little after that.

Then, they got married...


...saved up money for a year and then went to Africa for a year. That was their honeymoon. They visited at least ten countries there and got a holistic impression of the people, landscape and overall governance in each country.

They did get Malaria eventually, and my dad got bilharziasis because they took a two week diving course in Lake Malawi (9th largest lake globally) and my mother hid the meds from him that they had gotten as a precautionary measure (I think it was her idea of a joke).

Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi

My aunt had a horrible car accident, which is why they returned, they were planning to stay there longer but my grandmother thought that my aunt wouldn't survive the accident so they came as quickly as they could (she's fine today).

More traveling

My parents never had a lot of money, but they always set their priorities straight. They knew they wanted to travel, so they did.

When I told my mum about the planned cycling trip, she just shrugged and said "Do it, go on, it'll be fine and you'll like it, it sounds like a decent idea".

How they still lead adventurous lives

I'd say that my parents are far more active than the majority of people who live in my area, despite living in a place where people exercise A LOT.

My dad participated in an olympic triathlon about three years ago, loves cycling, swims like an actual fish and loved it when he's faster than younger guys haha.

Could actually be my dad
Could actually be my dad

He also bought a racing bicycle for my mother, but she's more an alpine/winter person: skiing, ski tours, hiking in summer (also in the mountains).

When they go on holiday now, they always make sure they can move. For example, they went to Mallorca last year just to cycle around the island for a week. They came back exhausted but happy.

What else makes them special

Maybe I'll write about this another time, they have very balanced, unique views on money and education that I highly appreciate. They also helped me draw close to God, which I am very grateful for.

The fact that they can afford to exercise and stay healthy now is something they appreciate a lot, mainly because there were definitely points in their lives during which they couldn't afford dairy products, for example. Now we live in a house with a big Garden for the standards here. Priorities. They never worked too much.

What makes your parents special?

Do your parents also exercise?

My adventurous, adrenaline-craving parents
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  • Jjpayne
    That was a very sweet and inspiring story! Thank you for posting it! And the name call out :) but my dad has passed away recently :( but my mom tries to walk as much as she can but does not have the healthiest diet but my dad while he was alive had a membership to a gym which he used every once in a while. My dad played guitar and loved classic 60s, 70, and 80s music and some of the 90s. He also liked collecting cars and had a vast knowledge about them, he also knew how to work on cars. My mom simply likes to serve and help people. She also likes to give more than recieve. She enjoys playing scrabble and watching shows like call of the midwives and Gilmore girls. She also writes poetry.
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO! :)

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Well my parents met at my mom's university. My mom was a math student, my dad was a final year PhD studying some meme economics + international relations degree.
    They didn't even attend the same school but my dad was at my mom's dorm room because he was clearly trying to bone her roommate (his version would be different of course), then he first saw my mom and fell in love. They got married when she was 21, and he was 26, I was born about 9 months later. I don't think my parents are particularly special and I thank God for that.

    My dad exercises a lot, mostly swimming. My mom doesn't, she's too busy building statistical models for the government.
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    • That's an amazing story! I love that your mum studied Math too :D
      It's funny how over the years you start seeing right through your parents' stories... good for your dad that he saw her first :))))

    • Well my mom is still salty that she ended up marrying the guy her roommate brought back to her room 😂. My dad told the story differently but I find it hard to believe that he went to some rave, met some chick then went back to her room to `discuss music and arts`.

    • OMGGGGG your dad sounds like such a player hahaha I can imagine that your mom is still salty about that lol

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  • Avicenna
    My father (77)) ran marathons as recently as 2014 and still lifts weights.
  • Agape93
    ❤️❤️ lovely❤️❤️
  • lindawilliam
    Looking for a trust and believe