What do you think about me driving across my country with a bicycle in the holidays [single young female]?


First off, Austria is small.

The distance from Bregenz to Vienna (west to east) is around 600km (~400miles).

Map of Austria with Bregenz west and Vienna east
Map of Austria with Bregenz west and Vienna east

The situation

I'll have about three months off, of which seven weeks are already gone because I'll be either working or volunteering. I know that I need to save one week before university starts because they may do an additional introductory course for people who feel insecure (i.e. me).

Therefore, I have 3-4 weeks to work at another job in addition to what I've already got planned.

The reason why I could still go cycling as my holiday is that I have to stay in my city (graduation and stuff), which annoys me a lot but whatever, it is what it is.

The idea + other Austrians/somewhat extreme sporty people

I had this crazy idea to go from Switzerland to Austria and then to Germany with my bicycle (~300-500km=200-300miles, feasible), but to be honest I really hate cycling and it's STEEP: the difference in elevation (up) would be around 2000m (=6500 feet). I'm a tough cookie, I like the mountains, but I have not been able to move as much as I wanted to in the last two years. I'm still more in shape than about 80% of people here, but trust me, those top 10% are basically all tiny Reinhold Messners.

Here's Reinhold, he's from Südtirol, Italy (below Austria) and was (among other firsts) the first person to climb Moun Everest without oxygen in 1978 with Peter Habeler (Austrian). He never uses oxygen and doesn't particularly like people who do, he thinks it ruins the fun.


So there's that. If you think that I'm exaggerating, be my guest to climb literally any popular mountain here and look around yourself to see the people showing off their latest FUNKTIONSJACKEN and FUNKTIONSHOSEN:

Rarely do I see people laughing like this on the mountain, hiking is no joke here
Rarely do I see people laughing like this on the mountain, hiking is no joke here

So I don't necessarily dislike hiking but I feel like everything is more fun when you don't have to walk DOWN a mountain, hill, path, you know, it hurts in the knees.

...And cycling

I figured that since I don't feel like a good Austrian, I should do more in my country and get to know it better (I mean, it's the size of a state but I haven't even been to the Burgenland before (small "state" to us -> old people go there when they're retired because it's pretty(boring)).

The Drauradweg -> Drau=river [one possibility]
The Drauradweg -> Drau=river [one possibility]

The issues

I hate cycling, I would be on my own entirely because my friends go on their "Maturareise"=class trip after graduation. I won't come because it's mainly a thing where people completely lose their minds, zone out for a week and have way too much alcohol, drugs and sex (other Austrians reading this: ihr sads süüüücha alle gooonz brav gwen oiso lassts mir meine Entscheidung büdde). I don't really have other friends, I could try to find someone but I'd prefer doing this trip on my own.

How I'd prepare

Mainly through cycling more at home on my ergometer but that's about it.

I'd also ask my parents id they'd be willing to sponsor this trip - it would probably cost about 200€ to do this because I'm not allowed to camp in the wilderness :(.

Do you think it's a good idea for me to plan a cycling trip on my own?

I asked my friends and they wouldn't want to join me. I would camp in official camp sites and make sure to stay on the roads.

What do you think about me driving across my country with a bicycle in the holidays [single young female]?
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  • Jjpayne
    This sounds like a lot of fun but please pack safety stuff. Get a tracker with leave it with someone you trust. Then get a loud horn you can keep with you and a pepper spray maybe even a knife. If you are going long distances on a bike you need to make sure you are safe even if it feels like you are. It's better to be safe than sorry
    Is this still revelant?
    • Reading this, I had to laugh, simply because in my European way of thinking, the worst thing that could happen in Austria is that a drunk, hot guy with a supersexy dialect approaches me or like falls on my tent.
      Since I won't go to a festival or similar stuff, this won't happen, but you're right, there are the Josef Fritzls of the world too...
      Scary dude for sure. Read up on the story if you get a chance, incest at its worst. In my opinion much worse than the Natascha Kampusch story.
      What do you think about me driving across my country with a bicycle in the holidays [single young female]?

    • Jjpayne

      It sounds scary... But all I'm saying is just be safe

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO! :)

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Well that depends on what you want out of the trip, [single young female].
    Is this still revelant?
    • Oh my god did this really sound that bad? I just wrote this next to the question because I figured it may explain a little why I'm even asking this.
      I don't ask for people's validation, I was wondering whether it is a good idea and whether it is safe.
      Single because I'm always worried someone may rape me (unlikely because I'm tall and unapproachable :) ) and I'm on my own so I figured two meanings -> boom
      And young because I am young and this is the first time I'd be doing something like this. My mother cycled from Austria to Italy and to Slovenia and Czechoslovakia and other countries multiple times when she was 15-20 so I'm a little insecure because I've never done anything like this :D

      But okay make sure to respond though I really want to know whether that sounded awkward :O

    • Dont you have any friend to accompany you on this trip, [single young female]?
      Did your mom cycle alone though lol, cycling 200 km sounds really terrifying to me lol

    • I don’t, I already asked four people but nobody wants to or has the time for this trip.
      My mother was on her own but she’s 6‘1 and according to her that makes her invincible 😂

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I think it's a great idea. My mom always told me that women need to explore the world themselves and form their own opinions. I went on a solo trip earlier this year and my best advice is to never tell people you're traveling alone. If strangers make small talk, tell them you have a fiancé or good friends to meet. And wear a fake engagement ring. I wrote a my take about traveling alone.
    • Thanks! I wear rings already and have faked boyfriends before when I didn’t feel safe, I think everyone does that.

  • Persephone2020
    I think it's a great idea, but I don't like the idea of any female taking a trip like that alone for a few reasons.

    1. You're an easy target for weirdos.
    2. It's a safety risk, what if you injure yourself?
    3. It's always better to have backup in case things don't go to plan (two heads are better than one).

    However, if you're determined to do it on your own take a knife or a gun with you, a wearable tracker, first aid kit and a fully charged cell phone.
  • JohnDon9
    Planning a trip on your own does have its own challange, but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you want. I had a hard time dealing with friends and fam when i wanted to go on a bike trip alone, i was laughed at. But i did it anyhow , and i feel good about it , even though i faced troubles in the way but the fact that i reached home safe and sound. Got to know how to drive on different terrain. It was surely an experience
  • Agape93
    Sounds like a lot of fun but always prepare for the worst. Bike maintenance, predators, the cold, first aid kits, kidnappers, sex predators etc.
    • Yeah, thanks for the advice! I would have done that anyways but it's a great tip :)

  • peachyknees
    Tough cookie or not, please take care of yourself and pack some safety items. Also share your location with trusted ones as often as possible. The title instantly made me think of Ivan Milat, that serial killer that used to kill backpackers
  • Robertcw
    Hmmm. Seems like a bad idea, lmao.

    400 miles? 200 miles of elevation change? What could go wrong?
    • LOL I know, still, I need to at least try

    • Robertcw

      I don't know. Think about this, I know you're 18 and feel invincible and importable but if you were to break down anywhere remote you'd be f*cked.

      You could starve to death easily. Driving in a car with a phone car charger and an ice chest full of food is much, MUCH better plan and still exiting.

    • Austria is really small... It's more densely populated than the US :D If I were to break down on an official biking trail, there'd be enough people to help, I won't be anywhere remote :)
      But thanks for responding.

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  • BestUserName100
    Sounds like torture can be fun for awhile tho and love going and is like my Disney land I always say/fun like a roller coaster or something. To much tho can wreck havoc on your health tho... And... Not what I'm trying to do right now... Maybe if I was planning on staying single forever. Who knows could still happen just haven't given up yet.
  • Darcia
    Sounds amazing, I’ll say pack a lunch tote and plenty of water with electrolytes in it. You’ll need to replenish the lost of any ions. Also make sure your bike has good seat cushioning and you have a handy pump. I got a water pack with a bladder backpack. Face gear for the outdoors I found is very essential to use. Oil for the bike gears and bolts. I also have an area where my phone sits by my handlebars. Bike U locks for when you settle up for the night and bike lights.
  • J2ohhhhh
    I did something similar from Portugal to Spain in 2018. And this summer want to visit my brother on the bike in Switzerland.

    I think it is cool that you want to do something more than taking an airplane and take a selfie front of some old building.
  • Avicenna
    You'll be fine. I'd let my daughter do this if she were your age.
    • Thanks, that's what I mean @Robertcw, I'm sure you'll be alright too when you have kids :)

  • lightbulb27
    I do a lot of cycling. I'd feel better if you were with someone.
    Invite me, I want to ride it. I'd love to, inite me and others and I'll start training. I rode across parts of Italy and France. I love cycling.
  • MissDawn7961
    make sure you are not alone doing this and that you have enough food , clothes and such to keep you warm and cool , your medications , a medical kit , cell phone and phone numbers with you while bicycling during the holidays ! Thanks
  • Meropatrick
    Very cool, but isn't there much more fun things to do that doing this. Really join a music group or something your country is Mozart’s and beethhovens home
  • ImSparkly
    I hiked the Appalachian Trail in the states shortly after I turned 18, ok, well, I started a week before I turned 18. Its a 2200mi/3500km walkabout and took about six months. If your staying in 'safe' places and have a support system in place, why not? Just plan to be off the road when it's dark, have some means of fending people off, and a tracking system (like find your friends) so others can make sure your still moving along.

    May I also suggest some small ball bearings in your shirt pocket that you can drop out on the road for stupid people behind you?

    Do it now before being an adult keeps you from these kinds of experiences.
  • This sounds amazing!! Good for you! Go for it, just be careful!
  • jtg13
    I know people who cycled Africa North to South from Europe. I'd give it a go if I were you. You'll walk away with new life.
    Why can't you sleep in wilderness bit bizarre
    • I mean, that's really far away first of all, and secondly, I'd have to fly there first. I'll start out small haha.

      Legislation is very strict in Austria to protect nature, I think it's good, it's just also a little annoying for adventures like these but at least nature's more or less untouched :)

  • Levin
    Sounds like an adventure.

    I'd come with you but...

    I can't be arsed.
  • zagor
    I think you should make sure your planned trip avoids extended routes through tunnels. When driving I found there to be a lot of those in Austria. On a bicycle they could be pretty unhealthy.
    • Thanks for pointing that out!
      We have this many tunnels because they're sometimes the only way to avoid having to build a 70km motorway across the mountain. In most tunnels, you can still go around 100km/h, which is quite fast.
      Here's the thing: there aren't that many tunnels on B-/country roads. And there are definitely ways to avoid having to cycle up and down across the mountains, haha!
      The ones in the Northern part of Italy are shorter mostly but MUCH narrower, cyclists wouldn't even fit ther, which is unfortunate, because it's beautiful.
      I'll try cycling along a river, hardly any tunnels that way :)

  • andy530
    Sounds like an adventure of a life time! I’d do it!
  • Zoi02
    That’s fine in US it be at least a month. Car maybe two or three days.
  • driver929
    Don't to many nuts out there less you are in a group
  • JustJen
    Seems like a nice and active holiday.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Go for it! I would.
    I'll pray for your safety.
  • you do you lol
  • Gedaria
    Sounds great , but very dangerous...
  • littleredhead
    Great exercise
  • msc545
    As long as you can do this safely, go for it!
  • Razal
    Well if you believe it’s safe then go ahead
  • Anonymous
    Well you would need some kind of tools with you to repair anything that happens on the bike and plenty of money for food and not drive at night to be safe