Moms of physical and spiritual power!

I will discuss how moms are physically and spiritually powerful and list the traits I value in them. I will discuss why it is vital to have a good mother. Mother's Day 2020 is tomorrow and I will keep it short and sweet and limit it to just 5.


Mothers have the nurturing side to them that when their children gets in trouble, they like to comfort them and assure them that things are okay. They generally as not as stern as a child's father is. They hate to see their children hurt and don't have a toughen up mentality. Mothers like to make sure their children are fed, clothed and protected.

Moms of physical and spiritual power!


Mothers push for their children to develop social skills and try for new things and normally don't break down their children as boys and girls as often as fathers does. They see them the same more. Dads tend to have a boys do this and girls do this mentality more. Mothers encourage their children to play and make new friends.

Moms of physical and spiritual power!


Mothers are kind and usually far less vulgar than fathers are with their children. They are the ones who don't tolerate bullying or cussing as often. Mothers like to go with their child's limits instead of overworking them like fathers tend to over push their children more and it doesn't help them grow up as well.

Moms of physical and spiritual power!

Prayer Warriors

Women are often praying for their children to become what God has set out for them to be and not be swayed by Satan to get involved with the many worldly evils in gambling, alcohol, illicit sexual activities and drugs. Mothers often war in a room spiritually devoting time to God for the physical and spiritual safety of their children.

Moms of physical and spiritual power!


Mothers are beautiful. Just like in time, flowers flourish and grow and the time is beautiful to see. Just like a caterpillar grows into a butterfly, the seed that men provide women with grows and develops inside of her body into a human creature with all the impacted DNA of that baby at conception and soon to be birthed some 9 months later.

Moms of physical and spiritual power!


I want to wish all the mothers of g@g a Happy Mothers Day and my own mother too. You moms are great and wonderful. I will be doing in about a month a Dads of physical and spiritual power! too, so check it out when the time nears. Thanks for listening! Please share what a great mother is and should be!

Moms of physical and spiritual power!
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  • My mom was all these things and more. She was a badass who didn’t take shit from no one.
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    • Your dad doesn't take it either, does he?

    • MzAsh

      That he doesn’t. That’s why I don’t either. 😆

  • btbc92
    Exactly whag my mom did for me. Wish she was here. Wonderful take. 😔
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