I was raised with love


Hey there, as you read in the title, I was raised with so much love. I value everything my parents did for me and the way they raised me. I had their support when following a dream, I had a very happy childhood, they gave me so much love and raised me to respect people around me. I always looked up to them and tried to treat people the way they always have, but now comes the time I have to choose my own path.

Throughout my life I came to realise that my mom wasn't LGBTQ+ supporter. She said that gay people are just bored and that they're homosexual, because they want to be 'cool' or 'interesting'. That really hit me.

I was raised with love

I love my mom with all my heart, I still look up to her, I just know that this is a topic we probably can't agree on. I try to support the LGBTQ+ community and don't see anything wrong with it. They are people just like everyone else and they deserve to love and be loved.

I'm not disregarding anything I was taught by my parents, I just know there are things all of us can improve.

I was raised with love
I was raised with love
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  • cute_short_nerd
    Wow, I was raised with bipolar ass kinda parents that beat my ass with a belt one day, beat my ass with a belt another day, beat my ass the next day, and still act like they didn’t just beat my ass.

    Not like I cook for a family of five, do tedious amounts of housework and chores, or pay for my own phone. Congratulations if you have the ability to pick up on my heavy sarcasm because I just sprinkled that shit everywhere.

    Fuckin old fashioned parents need to let me be a teen before I grow up and become a disappointment.
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  • Wikya
    It is good, that you have your own opinion. I had same situation like you. However, People like your Mother will not change their opinion no matter what (especially if she is religious) They tend to be very disrespectful towards People who Just want to be themselves. I am asexual and my overly christian family do not support me. There is nothing you can do to change that. Hate will be hate, unfortunately.
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  • Celtero
    Lol... the LGBT community is annoying, that's my only problem with it.

    Your mother is likely just ignorant to the perspective, and it's not really her fault. She's not being malicious... right? Being dismissive towards homosexuality isn't so bad.

    You don't have to convince her to think otherwise, what she believes in doesn't really impact anyone. And if she's religious then she can't really help it... and maybe her religion was a big motivating factor in providing you with such a good childhood?
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  • dmvgirl16
    Yea im in the situation like i love my family with all my heart but am part of the lgbtq community so I get what u are saying

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