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Different types of toxic people.

They never admit they are toxic
They never admit they are toxic

In our daily routine, we encounter different kinds of toxic people. No matter how hard you try to handle them nicely, They will put your mood down and sometimes burst it. you find no other option but to avoid them,but you can't even avoid them in some causes!

Worse things happen when your boyfriend/girlfriend is a typical example of what we called a toxic person. you have to deal with it because there is no other way! Many relationships out there end up in broke up because one of them or both represents the toxic generation

So how do you deal with them? please share your experience!

For making it clear I am going to define some types of toxic creatures

toxic geezer

the energy drainer

  • they make you feel tensed
  • they put you down for no reason
  • can't be happy for other's good fortune

the fake complementor

  • gives you fake compliments
  • lacks empathy
  • puts you in uncomfortable positions

the pessimist

  • talks down to you to make themselves feel batter
  • only cares about themselves
  • tries to talk you out of your dreams

the criticizer

  • doesn't support you in your decisions
  • criticizes every move you make
  • makes you feel like you can't do anything right

the manipulator

  • tries to control everything
  • pretends to like you and other people
  • wants to make every decision for themselves and others

the victim

  • blames others for their misfortune
  • constantly seeks attention from others
  • talks mostly about their excuses for failing

besides the aforementioned categories, here are the complete toxic people traits

  • Complain A Lot
  • Lie All The Time
  • Play The Victim
  • Greedy
  • Negative And Pessimistic
  • Always Right, Never Wrong
  • Unhappy With Their Lives
  • Use A Limiting Vocabulary (can’t, don’t, impossible, scam, etc..)
  • Create Problems Instead Of Solutions
  • Focus On The Bad
  • Full Of Excuses
  • Manipulative
  • Never Admit They’re Wrong
  • Wear A Mask
  • Love To Brag
  • Remind You Of What They Did For You
  • Jealous
  • judgmental
  • Put You Down Publicly
  • Focus On The Past
  • Unreliable
  • Shout When Right, Quiet When Wrong ( the only reason they do this is to free themselves from their insecurities. ”I’m right! I’m right! Did you notice? I’m right!!”)
  • Perfectionist (overthinking can hurt you more than it can help you)
  • Need Power Like Air (the power to control everything around them)
  • Want Attention And Credit
  • Childish

I would like you to share your experience and how do you get over a toxic person you still love them?

Different types of toxic people.
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  • Konabeana
    basically psychiatry in a nut shell. What made you decide to write this?
    • I have few special in my life who always turns my mood down in a second.
      But I can't get rid of them so I was looking for some help online ( how to deal with them?) and now I am much confident talking to them 😀