How to move out and not end up living in a mess (room mates at University)


I wanted to write a take on what it's like to move out for a while.

I've been living in a shared flat for two months now and couldn't be happier. I love taking care of my own stuff - I always have.

Moving itself was exhausting and I'm glad that my parents helped me. I brought a bed and a book shelf and had to buy everything else in my new city.

I didn't have a matress for the first two weeks and had to deep clean the apartment for the entire first week just to feel somewhat comfortable.

It was extremely dirty and I realised that I have high standards when it comes to hygiene. When my flat mate arrived (who had gone on vacation when I arrived but had been living there for a while), she didn't notice that I had...

  • deep cleaned the floor
  • deep cleaned all doors
  • gotten rid of all the dust on top of shelves, in the bathroom etc.
  • deep cleaned the thermostat

I was so tired after that first week that all I wanted to do was sleep and eat - so I did.

[Photo by Yuya Murakami on Unsplash]
[Photo by Yuya Murakami on Unsplash]

I gained weight as a result, but I'm no longer as hard on myself as I used to be because there's no point in being sad about it.

Some time before my flat mate arrived, I met up with the guy I met online for the first time and that changed my entire structure.

Before spending as much time with him as we then did, my day only consisted of eating, cleaning and sleeping. When we started to go on long walks together more, I started to feel much better.

In essence, here are my main tips:

Try to maintain a clean room

  • Vacuum every day or every other day
  • Mop your room every week
  • Dust the shelves etc. as often as you have to (for me this is every other day)

Clean the kitchen and bathroom regularly

  • This includes cleaning the toilet. Trust me, if you do it every three or four days, it won't get dirty!
  • The same applies to the kitchen - the more often you clean it, the better.

Have some structure - plan your meals in advance

I know this is difficult and as someone who is still struggling with eating disorders, I understand that this may not be the same for everyone, but for me, it is a relief to know what I'll eat at a given point in time.

I love lasagna and always have some stock of it in the fridge. This helps me fight cravings.

What are your tips for not ending up in a messy home after moving out? Feel free to share your own experiences below :)

How to move out and not end up living in a mess (room mates at University)
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  • TallAnon
    Gotta admit, I never mopped tbe floor, dom't even have a mop xD Maybe I should do a proper clean soon.
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    • Oh wow :O
      Well, to be fair, the apartment just had a very nasty layer of dirt on the floor , you can only really get rid of that by getting on your knees and scubbing the floor clean.
      The only real way of preventing this from happening is mopping in my opinion :)
      That's why I do it, to prevent more cleaning, lol.

    • TallAnon

      I vacuum clean though! 😁

    • YAY!

  • Avicenna
    Glad to hear you’re gone with that part!
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  • Iron_Man
    Talk to the parents and see if they can get you an apartment by yourself
  • Massageman
    - Clean the coils on your refrigerator. It will cool better for less cost.
    - Structure your cleaning, too. Monday, living room; Tuesday, bedroom; Wednesday, bathroom; Thursday, laundry day. Friday, kitchen; etc however you want to do it.
    - Lay in a supply of basic spices to ease the cooking problems. Buying one a week won't crimp your budget, but in a few months, you will have a well-stocked pantry.
    - Re: Meals. Learn how to make a roux. If you can make a roux (which takes about 2 minutes or less), you can make dozens of gravies and sauces, cheese/ broccoli soup better then Panera's, mac and cheese, and many others.
  • hahahmm
    1. Live on your own.
    2. See point #1
  • Anonymous
    I studied university in my city