How I would raise my daughter, when I have one


I'm 17, so this mytake is hypothetical, but this is how I would raise my daughter, when I have one. I wouldn't force my daughter to do these things, but I wish that she would do them. This would mainly come when my daughter is 12-15

1. Give her the right books

There are books that I wish I would have read when I was younger, I believe that these books will help her deal with the world. Books such as "the prince, how to use your enemies and how to win friends and influence people"

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

2. Teach her to fight

I want my daughter to become a go-getter, to always be able to fight her way in. This could be physical or hypothetical. If she would be into it, I would encourage her to take martial arts classes.

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

3. Teach her to network and social climb

If I become rich, I will put my daughter in the best school in town, so she can meet kids with parents richer than myself. That's an opportunity to network, not only to serve herself but also to strengthen the connections and the power of the family. she ahs to know that she must always get the right people on her side.

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

4. Take her hunting

I believe that hunting would help her connect with nature and understand mortality.

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

5. Teach her to become a lady

In my attempt to teach her to kick ass, she might lose her femininity, which would bring a totally different kind of trouble. If it becomes necessary, I would pay the most stunning woman I know to teach her how to become a proper lady and to become seductive.

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

6. Give her the right inspiration

There have been many women throughout history that have embodied everything I wish my daughter would become. Women such as Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth I, etc. If it wouldn't become completely outdated by then, I would encourage her to watch house of cards. What better

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one

role model is there than Claire Underwood!

How I would raise my daughter, when I have one
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    It's all about the blueprint man. Skip to the last 3 paragraphs then come back here. We think very alike. I can tell you right now that the only two worth focusing on are #1 and #6. If you don't do those the rest won't matter. I'm also in to personal development. However, like my mentor told me and his mentor him, the people who read those books and books alike rarely do what's in them. 97% of the people never discipline themselves to do the stuff in the books. Don't play around with you life and waste years. Start NOW if you wish to be what you want to be. Be it now. I care if you were 9, be it now.

    I can give you another great book, "How to raise your own salary" by Napoleon Hill. It is the wisdom of Andrew Carnegie the 5th richest man in recorded history according to the BBC. by the way you should look into the form of fighting known as "Judo"

    Anyway, I would study Bob Proctor if I was you. I really study him and do it with an open mind.

    You're on the right track but there is something you need to understand that you might not yet. People are not programmed starting at 12-15. By the time your daughter is that age she will be a product of her environment. If your dreams are big enough you will find that there are things about yourself that you have to change. Conditioning. And it won't be easy. If you really want your daughter to succeed in life, you must begin IMMEDIATELY. As soon as she is born you must begin. Don't screw her. She will be conditioned if you try or dont try. By chance or by your plan. You must begin at birth. By the time she is a teenager you will not have to force her or hope that she will choose what you recommend. She will have been programmed to do so. To think in a certain way. To believe certain things about herself and the world. Her awareness will be above average.

    Your awareness is already above most people. Only someone who really understands or is starting to understand human nature would say #6. I am not saying to force her to be anything. I am telling you to program her to understand she can be and have anything within the bounds of nature. And to bury a drive and inspiration deep within her to express her uniqueness through her decisions in life. Most people never live the way they want to live. Lastly, the best thing you can do for her is to become the man you wish to become because if you don't you will just be a hypocrite. People's environment programs them well because the appearance of things tends to create a corresponding image within the mind of the observer. Give her the blueprint.
    Don't decide what her life will be but instead program her with the blueprint to success so that she can BE anything she wishes to be.

    Think about what I've said and reason with what I've said. Don't reject it nor accept it. Ask yourself: Does what he said make any sense?

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  • snackthatsmilesback

    These seem cool, like none seem bad they'd probably benefit anyone to have this stuff available. But what about other stuff besides status? Besides hunting you don't seem to have much for the "soul" and kids need real relationships, help understanding themselves, and to know they're safe at home.

    It's good to set her up for success socially, financially, etc. It's better than a lot of parents do. But I've met a lot of kids, and been one, and some help with handling and communicating emotions would have saved everyone an assfuck of pain. Don't confuse outward competence for inward and accidentally neglect that area. It's dark as shit for kids. Hey, you probably know right?

    Anyway I'm gonna establish that way before 12-15 with my daughter, and good luck to you with your future one.

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  • TransAm85

    This is why I'm glad my parents got divorced. My father was a hillbilly Redneck farmer. I got in contact with him 10 years before he died, but if he would've been around while I was growing up, I would've rebelled even more than I did from my mother. You can't mold your kids, you have to teach them what you know, and let them learn on their own.

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    • Nadim171

      How did you get the idea that I'm a "redneck" from this mytake?
      Hunting is not a redneck thing, it is literally a human thing. We've been doing it for 300,000 years, and it was practiced by nobility in Europe as a hobby for a very long time.

      But you know, I won't even argue, I have a soft spot for you

    • TransAm85

      Why did u think I was just talking about the hunting?

    • Teaching IS molding.

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  • Subarugirl

    What if she has no interest in social networking or hunting animals like the majority of teenage girls don't?

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    • Nadim171

      Hunting is not a big problem. Networking however is a must. It's not merely a hobby, it's a duty. Your fair share of work done for the family.

    • Subarugirl

      Lol well then you might as well arrange a marriage for her it would make more sense then trying to get a 12 year old to brown nose rich friends parents….

    • Nadim171

      She can, but later. It would make more sense to make friendships in rich or powerful families.

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  • mobiusforniner

    I have a daughter. I have these dreams or ideals of how I'd like her to be. And well, after she was born I learn kids don't do what you expect.

    Once you have kids, you'll just kind of roll with it and, to quote Crush from Finding Nemo... when they know, you'll know.

  • NathanDavis

    funny... to be thinking of how to raise someone else to become a grown up

    when you're so immature and not a grown up yourself, yet... lol

    but yes, that's youth for many... so full of idealizations but not enough experience from the real world... lol

  • supercutebutt

    Your daughter will most likely shoot you during your big hunt. It happens to lots of dads.

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    • CalmMind

      Because they skip range day and go straight to hunting. Gotta teach gun etiquette and trigger discipline.

    • @CalmMind He won't do that, though. :(

      The good news is he can haunt his daughter as a ghost. :)
      If your soul gets trapped on Earth after you die, what kind of ghost will you be? ↗

    • Nadim171

      I'll take her to the range every weekend

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  • Ghostluck

    As a father of a 15 year old, who raised her by myself, let me say, how you think you will raise your kid can sometimes be drastically different from how you actually end up raising your kid. Like you, I once had some of the same ideas. I wanted her to read Moby Dick, she took interest for about the first ten pages, that was the end of it. She never touched it since then. I wanted to teach her to fight, until I realized that she was combative in school... teaching her to fight was the last thing she needed, it would have turned her in to a bully... and worse, a bully that could actually fight. I have no desire to teach her to hunt, since I don't believe in hunting unless it has to be done for survival. I don't knock hunters, I just can't bring myself to physically kill something without a survival need behind it. I tried teaching her to be a lady, but I had a hard time acting like one to teach her, lol. As far as Networking and climbing social ladders, I disagree completely. I didn't even feel that way when I was young, much less now that I am older and wiser. I teach my daughter to be humble, to avoid the types of people like you mention, because they are self serving and use one another for personal gain. Instead, I teach her to be humble and focus more on good values. With good values, she can take herself as high as she wants to, not become dependent upon social networking. I want my daughter to be self sustainable, with or without power. And if a day comes where she achieves power in society, I want her to use that power for good, not to better only herself.

  • Screenwriter

    Some admirable goals in daughter raising. However, at 17, aren't you more concerned that YOU are working through those goals?

    If you achieve those things, you are the best role model for your daughter.

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  • BlueScorpio

    I don't think teaching her self defense would make her loose her femninity. I think it's great there are dads who teach their daughters how to defend themselves cause dad isn't always going to be around to help out.

  • exitseven

    I raised my daughter to be strong and independent. She was a good athlete and she graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics. She worked 3 jobs while she was in college and graduated with no debt and enough savings to put a down payment on a new condo.

  • bean2k21

    If feminists ever want to start doing something other than whine about how unfair the world is, then give the girls to their fathers. We'll turn them into self-sufficient ninjas, guaranteed.

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  • KelleyNice

    Those are all good things. Martial arts is good. Ballet would be just as good or if she is an very good athlete, basketball, soccer, or most any sport.

  • AviatorTom

    You have good thoughts, but children learn most things by example... from their parents. Doing what you believe in yourself will help your future daughter become the woman you want her to be.

  • Apulu_Imback

    Oh yeah I also have that book "How to win friends and influence people" it was really helpful.

    • Nadim171

      Yeah it really is.

    • Ga-girl

      I encourage you to read it again 5 years from now, you might understand more after living more. Same things go with a lot of self help books

    • @Ga-girl Yes I noticed that many times. I will surely do so. Thanks ma'am.

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  • Aiko_E_Lara

    You can't guarantee you're going to have a daughter. So what if she turns out to be a boy? "when i have one" I guess you won't stop fucking until you get a girl.

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  • TenderFantasy

    Dang, I've liked what I've read so far. I think you would make a great father. I hope you are able to acheive that goal/dream in your one and only life.

    I didn't really like reading when I was 12-15. Most of the things I read were forced Summer Reading books forced upon me as an incoming Freshman in high school. The only thing I really liked reading was Seventeen Magazine or Cosmo. If not for those, then you'd find me watching TV, hanging out with my Best friend Shaya at the time, prank calling middle school boys when we got their number. It was fun! You'd have also found me online chatting with people or looking stuff up or playing with the original Playstation as well as Dreamcast or Super Nintendo (most of these consoles were my older brother's lol). I never had a boyfriend from 12-15. But If I had, I might have already been a mom at that age lol. My hormones were off the wall.

  • MysteriousDarkness

    What if she doesn't want thoes books, doesn't want to do martial arts or to hunt? What if she wants to shave her head and adopt an alternative style when it comes to clothes?

  • Marushka

    You can only do that much as a parent. What you should most focus on is giving her love and support. Teach her to be make her own decisions and don't be afraid to let her fail so she can learn from her mistakes.

    You can take her to martial arts class or get her the books you consider right but you can't and shouldn't force her into those things if she doesn't want to.

    You can give her advice on how to behave and introduce her to women you consider role models but ultimately she'll make her own decisions.

    What will you do if she declares herself a vegetarian and calls you a monster for hunting?

    • Actually you can, which is why most of the population is poor. They condition their kids to be poor without ever knowing it. People who grow up in welfare oddly tend to be generational welfare recipients. However, I have read many books and agree with him on many of his points but he seems to have left out a HUGE one. Decision. Decision is the thing he left out. People who fail to be decisive will never ever be successful unless they have someone making their decisions. I don't say that out of belief.

    • by the way he did say he wouldn't force her in his first paragraph...

  • Guy13

    Think you have sometime to figure that out. At least 5 years…

  • ISendNuttVidz

    Teach her to record her farts and create a collection of them. The louder and more voluminous the better!

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  • Aphrodite801

    She might lose her femininity from learning how to fight? This might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen a 17 year old say ever. Congrats.

  • bamesjond0069

    As long as she is married and pregnant by age 19 about, I will have done a good job. 16 is better.

  • hostboy__fastestlaps

    I pray to GOD I will NOT have a daughter and when I do I will BAN her from ever accessing OnlyFans, CashApp, or listening to Cardi Bitch

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