What's the best way to chase after a girl who just broke up ?

Hi there guys,

There's this girl whom I knew for about 2.5years. A very sweet, witty & funny kinda girl.

About a week ago, she told me that she broke up with her boyfriend whom she said that she had wanted to marry & be together for the rest of the life.

However, the guy, asked for the breakup, citing that there was no more hope for the relationship to carry.

To be frank, I had feelings for her because she was the perfect girl to me. Okay let's put that aside.

So, I've been the one comforting and talking to her for the past 1 week, trying to convince her to move on slowly.

I know it's tough for her but I'm hoping that ex of hers will fade slowly.

3 days after breakup, suddenly, she smsed me that she's not ready for a relationship with me or anybody for now. She also said she doesn't want to lead me or disappoint me. She texted me at 4am & I was confused for a while.

So, few days back, we went for dinner after I asked her out as I thought we had never meet for a long time & perhaps, I could take her mind off considering she's been feeling so depressed for the 1 week.

While on my way back, she asked me to be frank with her if I did like her. And I admitted that I did like her before she had a boyfriend and still have feelings for her (I don't know if that was a good one to tell, however, I felt I had to be frank with her as she had requested). She asked, why I didn't tell her earlier but I just couldn't answer her.

Still, I have feelings for her but I know she's in a tough situation I have to give her time. But guys & girls, I need your help.

What's the best way to go for her since she just break up since she knows I still have feelings for her?

I hope you guys help me man. :)

What's the best way to chase after a girl who just broke up ?
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