Why are players/fuckboys still a thing?

Cause when I think about it, it’s very old school and it’s annoying that it hasn’t died out yet. There’s this guy that “likes” me and I later grew to like him back. Things were fine at first but then whenever his buddies are around, they always bring up other girls he like or been with, and he denies all of it when I curiously asked him about it in private (Cause I’m not the type to believe anything someone else says, I rather ask the person myself).

But I started thinking he’s lying so I don't know what to believe. He mentioned us going out a couple times and the way his friends tell me about him it’s like he’s too nervous to ask me out.

But another thing that I found out is true is that he likes 2 other girls and one of them is his best friend who he has known since high school.

Apparently he asked the friend out but she turned him down and now he’s hooked onto the other girl. But before I knew all of this, I decided to ask him out myself last summer since he was too “nervous”. He rejected me and said he had feelings for another girl.

And now I don't know how to get over him cause one girl is way too old for him (And she has kids, and he doesn’t like/want kids) and she don’t even like him in that way. Then his best friend turned him down so he’s only left with me who actually likes him.

So how can I get passed this? Cause I feel like he just played me knowing how I feel about him, yet he’s chasing after other women who don’t like him the way I do. And all the time he spent with me just felt like a waste and I don't know how I’ll ever open up to another guy about my feelings again.
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I’m honestly kinda done with guys in general cause I had a similar experience years ago in school and it’s very traumatic for me to deal with now. Guys always pass up on all the decent girls just to chase around the the crazy or uninterested ones.

But atp guys who do that shit are only playing themselves. Like if you don’t want that girl, why are you talking and entertaining with her? I wish I could be left alone.
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Lol, PLEASE stop bringing up how women do the same thing. Let’s stay on topic cause I’m talking about MEN, not WOMEN. I don’t play around with men’s feelings and I don’t have experience with women playing me cause I am a straight female.
Why are players/fuckboys still a thing?
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