How do I tell my boyfriend I don't like him talking to this other girl?

I've been with my boyfriend for like a decade- Long time.

There's this girl that's friends with all his guy friends. He hides his friendship with her because he knows I'd get mad.

So instead I find out by snooping. Pics of them in a group. My boyfriends face against hers and another guy on the other side of her. Should I show him this picture?

She left him a voice mail saying she texted him inviting him out with a bunch of people and said she's doing something special for him by calling him instead of texting again.

I've only met her once a few years ago. my boyfriend said she told his friend she thought I was hot, like I bet she thinks that's her giving me the "seal of approval"? I've been with him SO LONG, who does she think she is?

I want to tell him to lose her number and tell her to do the same. He denies he has her number but I know he does.

If he has to hide it it's already inappropriate.

I want to show him the pics I found online from a few years ago of this girl there ALL the time (that my boyfriend left me home saying he was out with "all guys" which wasn't true)

and confront him about her calling him.

But what if he then tells me too bad, I'm keeping her number?

He told me years ago to get rid of my guy friends numbers so I did.

Should I tell him OK then I'll have guy numbers? But I don't WANT guy numbers! I don't even care!

I'm so depressed and in a downward spiral from all this with my emotions.
How do I tell my boyfriend I don't like him talking to this other girl?
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