Do you think I'm a home wrecker?

I always interpreted a "home wrecker" as someone who intentionally tries to make themselves known to the person who's being cheated on. like girls (or guys) who try to let the cheated know that the cheater is involved with them. not that it matters because clearly if there is a problem that would lead one person to cheat in a relationship, then the whole deal is doomed before the home wrecker even OK here's my situation.

I have been with a married man for a very long time (approaching three years now) and I haven't ever tried to let his wife know that I exist even though I know who she is. I feel like their marriage is none of my business and has nothing to do with me so I have no business talking to her. He wanted me to meet his children a while ago and pick them up from school, etc. I told him that while I do love him, I feel like that is crossing a line. Those are her children. When they get a divorce then I'll be open to meeting them. Anyway yeah she doesn't know me but he did tell her about me and told her he has never been happy with her and that he's leaving her. They just recently got separated and the divorce is pending.

For the record this isn't the first time I have dated a married man. He's a little bit older, not much though he's still young. He's very attractive (hot hot hot), successful, kind, witty, and very intelligent. He’s so many things. He's into a lot of the same things I'm into. I met him at work and found out he was a friend of a friend. We all went to the beach together and he took the opp. to get to know me (and stare at me in my bikini of course lol.) After that he came to my job everyday and we talked, flirted, etc. There was way too much sexual tension between us at first that I never thought I could fall in love with him. I just intended on sleeping with him. And I did. So here we are now with scary divorce papers and him talking about me meeting his kids.

Do you think I’m a home wrecker or just a girl who fell in lust/love with a married man?
Do you think I'm a home wrecker?
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