Women nowadays lazy? And not real women at all?

I'm Mexican and traditionally I know how to cook clean sew knit you name it I know how to do it. It bothers me a lot that my girl friends are lazy as hell. They don't cook and they don't clean. I go to their houses and its a utter mess and it really bothers me. I have a boyfriend well fiance you can say. We don't live together but whenever he comes over or whenever I go to his place I take care of him. Cook and clean for him. And just be there for him in whatever he needs. Don't get me wrong I'm very independent. I can take care of myself just fine. But it just bothers me that women now a days don't really know how to cook or clean. How do they expect to be a good mothers or wives? Don't mean to offend anyone out there. But does this bother anyone else? Maybe its because of my ethnicity that I was raised to take care of my man and of children in whatever they need and put myself last? My question is does it bother anyone else? And does anybody else think that women now a days aren't actually women? Again don't mean to offend anyone just wondering if anyone thinks this way?
Women nowadays lazy? And not real women at all?
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