My family treats me like a MAID?


My family treats me like a MAID?
Since I was young, I was been slaved by my family. I kept following what they want even if it neglected my heart's desire. I was always being told that I cannot do that or I cannot do it. I can't play with other kids and never had a normal life. I was isolated at house just playing the organ and obviously I grew up shy and low self-esteem.

When I study in college, it took me 2 hours to travel each day. My uncle saw how stress I am and felt pity. He bought an apartment near my university and told me to stay. I stayed there for 3 years, my grades has improved a lot and gained many friends. And so, I graduated latin honor in college and my parents cannot believed it.

Today that I work, I stop asking financial support from my family and even I never heard from them saying "I am proud of your achievement.." One day, I met someone who I thought is "the one". I believed his word and he vanished after completing his mission of getting my virginity.
My fault, I was this young innocent lady , who never slept with guys, who was never allowed to get a boyfriend in college and even mom told me boys will just fool me. I guess she was right T. T

Actually, I was the only one who works outside of the family business. They never involved me in because they think I know nothing. I take public transportation everyday , while my siblings take cars given by my father. They just passed me by whenever they encounter me at roads. Our maid suddenly resigned because of the ugly treatment of my family. She once told me that she cannot take it anymore and thank me for treating her better.

When she's gone. My family told me that starting from now , "You will clean the house and wash the dishes. You will take her place." When we eat together my brother left his plate and never ask him to wash it. When I was done , my dad called me "Yaya" a term called for a maid in our country pointed me to wash all the dishes.

What should I do when my family is treating me like a MAID?
My family treats me like a MAID?
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