Why is my cousin so possessive?

I am 19 ans my cousin is the same age as me. We were raised together like siblings and he is only 2 days older than me, we live in the same appartement we go to the same college and the same school till kindergarten. but whenever someone befriend me he start to get jealous and to hate him with passion. In elementary school when I befriend someone whenever it’s a girl or a boy he immediately start to bully him, to scare him. He doesn’t get along with my female friends and he hates it when I spend more time with them. I love him like my twin brother but I am never jealous when he have new friends. He doesn’t act like this when i meet a guy for a romantic interest because he even have a girlfriend ( with who he is also possessive) , but when he see me joking with another person, he tells me things like ( but im the only one with whom you should talk about your boyfriend or your problems. We are a family after all!). I noticed that we both don’t have true friends beside us and he was responsible. When I have a new friends he always find a way to get into a fight with them and then ask me to choose between them. Even my ex-boyfriends weren’t possessive like him! Why is he acting this way?Why is my cousin so possessive?


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  • Possibly Cousin Crushing or just Terribly Territorial.
    Talk Turkey to Him for He is Not in Control like a Troll. xxoo


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