Why was my ex-friend glaring at me like she wanted to murder me?

I’m a girl and I became friends with this other girl I met at my summer job.

Over the last few months, this girl has started to literally hate my guts for no reason. When I broke up with my boyfriend she was supportive and always there for me. She suggested I join her church and so I did. A lot of men at her church would approach me and talk to me. One of the men told me I looked like a famous actress. That day she stormed off without me and was very rude to me. Since then, she has always seemed very angry when I go to her church. She has started to go to my church and clings onto me. She puts me down and makes me doubt my appearance by showing me bad photos of me and laughing at me.

Another time i met up with her to go shopping. She manipulated me into buying her a headband by taking me to the checkout then explaining she had no money so I ended up paying for it. Then when I asked her for the money back, she was very passive aggressive and made me feel guilty for asking for my money.

I also get compliments easily from other people and when I’m around my friend and I’m complimented she stays silent and looks angry.

The last time I was on speaking terms with her, we met up and she ignored me, gave me the silent treatment, and glared at me then stormed out the coffee shop for no reason, I was wondering what I did wrong... I told her I was confused by her behaviour towards me and she blamed it on stomach cramps.

I recently decided to distance myself from her and cut her out of my life as a friend. Recently after I ignored her messages she showed up at my home group and I saw her glaring at me it felt like she wanted to kill me. She then made a passive aggressive comment about wanting friends to have her back and be loyal and this made me feel guilty.
Then the next day, she sent me the sweetest and kindest message which confused me even more because it didn’t tie in with her behaviour previously.

What’s her issue with me? Why was she glaring at me?
Why was my ex-friend glaring at me like she wanted to murder me?
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