Boyfriend doesn't put me first, What do I do or say to him?

what do you do when your boyfriend who claims you are all of his happiness is constantly putting you 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. His friends constantly come before me. I don't mind his guy time, becuase I need my girl time. I just get really tired of hearing "hey, I want to hangout but I'm just so busy.". it's funny, he is not too busy when he wants to do "certian things". HOnestly, I don't know what to do anynore., I ask very little of him...


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  • just flat out sit him and tell him your sick of it and/or that your thinking of dumping him if he doesn't get his act together and at least give you a little attention out of the bedroom for pete's sake. doesn't sound like much of a relationship if he doesn't even want to spend time with you just hanging out.

    you can start with something open ended question like, "why do you always put your friends before me?" when something comes up again.


    • thank you! I had that talk with him the other day. Of course he said "i dont". But the bottom line is his actions are speaking louder than his behavior. Same thing happened again last night. He is way to worried about being accepted and apart of his party friends than he is about me leaving him. I have made it way to easy for him, and that will have to stop. His friends treat girls like crap, and sadly he is not much different

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    • I agree. It is just so hard because I love him. But I have been down this road before and it was painfull then. I'm so dissappointed because he was not this way for the first few months. I am really tired of being treated like the last priority. He knows that other guys are interested, and I think that is why he doesn't let go himself ( selfish). I need to take a few days off and let him think long and hard about things.

    • i think that's best too

  • find a new guy who will love you and cherish you like you deserve.


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