A kid I grew up with sexually assaulted me and somehow it was my fault. How?

So there’s this guy who I grew up with and we have know each other since kindergarten. Our moms are best friends, we’ve gone camping with them, had Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners together, and so on. About a year and a half ago, I was over at their house to have a sleepover with his little sister (I’ve know her and babysat her since she was like two and let’s call her C). Their mom was getting her ready for bed and so I was hanging out with him (let’s call him A. All of a sudden A tried to pull me into his lap and I told him no but he kept trying. I told him I don’t want to sit in his lap and kept moving away. Then he started to massage my back and slipped his hand under my shirt and touched my chest. I was in shock and completely froze. Luckily his mom called me because she was don’t getting C ready for bed. I booked it out of there and spent the majority of the night crying and wishing I could go home (I was 15 at the time). I never told my patients cause I didn’t know how to and our moms are best friends. About 9 months ago, my mom was snooping through my stuff and read my journal where I had written about what had happened. She confronted me about it and I was livid that she had read it but tried to hide that (we have kind of a strained relationship). I explained and she talked to his mom about it. After that it was my fault that it happened and I should have been more clear. A has autism and that was a big defense that they used though it isn’t anywhere to the point where one would believe that is okay to do to another person. Is it my fault? I don’t know how it is. I’ve hated that my mom read my journal but I thought that she’d at least be on my side especially seeing as she was sexually assaulted when she was younger. I still have to go over to his house and spend time with him. I absolutely hate it. Was it my fault that the whole thing happened?
A kid I grew up with sexually assaulted me and somehow it was my fault. How?
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