Parents and brother humiliate me?

Im 29. Since I was a child, my family constantly humiliated me verbally and so did my extended family members.
I did not have a happy childhood since my parents had a very abusive and unhappy marriage. These people are also extremely concerned with wealth, property, status, power and position and don't see beyond that. Since I was different from them in ideology and thinking, I was immediately casted out as the black sheep of the family.

I was not good in studies, was bullied in school and struggled to pass in math, physics and chemistry till grade 10, so I was ridiculed. From grade 11, I improved as I switched to studying humanities. When I started college, I dropped out a few months later and applied for US universities. I did go to US but returned in a week. Since 2013, I stayed home, tried to go to US but failed. I also gave admission tests to fashion colleges and got through but was never really keen to study fashion so I did not join.

Finally in 2016, I tried applying to UK universities and succeeded. I went to UK and completed my BA. But I also had plenty of issues with one being the loss of someone I really loved. I shared this with my family but instead this backfired because they wouldn't understand my feelings or emotions. I was mocked, verbally abused and subjected to ridicule by my family. My mother lied to me saying things will improve even though I kept saying things were going horribly for me. When I returned home after completing my BA, then she changed her tune saying nothing good will happen in my personal situation.

I'm now doing MSC but even now my family ridicules me, says I will beg on the streets. My brother has repeatedly said he's the only one in the family who can make my parents proud as I'm worthless and won't achieve anything in UK/elsewhere. He even says me not achieving anything is a practical fact.

My parents now say I'm too old to ask for money from them and since they are funding my studies, I'm indebted to them. Am I wrong?
Parents and brother humiliate me?
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