Should I have let my brother win?

I'm in my early 20's and my younger brother turned 18 last month. He's starting to learn do things on his own.

He wanted to arm wrestle me twice. Before we started my mother kept whispering to let him win. I said no and proceeded. I beat him easily both times. He felt disappointed and kept saying ''I can never beat you, I'll never be strong'' and went to his room.

Should I have given him one won at least? Part of me wanted to but then he'll never learn and maybe the next opponent he gets will be tougher than me. I think in life, part of becoming great at something and winning is by losing first.
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9 d
I've noticed he's lacking in exercises and being more active. I've been exercising 5-6 times a week since last year.
9 d
Needless to say yeah he doesn't feel that good. He wants to become stronger. He wants to beat me at arm wrestling.
Should I have let my brother win?
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