Has anyone even been spanked by their friends mom?

I was invited to go on a trip to Panama city Beach with my friends family i think we were 15. I remember we were walking by the pool to go to the beach from our hotel. My friend and I walked right past a woman trying to take a picture his mom was right behind us. She was really mad and yelled get your butts back to the room now! I think he said what're you going to do mom give us butt spankings? She said that's exactly what I'm going to do I remember the look in his face I was shocked as well. I didn't really think she was going to as soon as we got in the room she grabbed him pulled his shorts down began spanking with her hand over her lap she eventually grabbed a hairbrush. She told me I was next I still didn't believe she was going to spank me but sure enough when she was done with him he was crying she sent him to the corner. She told me to get over her lap before I knew it she pulled my shorts down and yanked me over her lap and began to spank me. She continued to do so until I started crying as well I couldn't believe it was happening. I hadn't been spanked in a long time before that I forgot how much it hurt. Sorry for the long story just wondering if anyone else has had a friends mom do this?
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Has anyone ever not even lol
Has anyone even been spanked by their friends mom?
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