Honestly how cruel is making a rape prank?

Is it ok to still be very upset with my cousin?

She even made us go visit her. She had a black eye and apparently halfway ripped shirt. She began telling us about her terrible encounter in the park and about getting raped by a random stranger. She kept on with the story for several minutes until she said the ''Just kidding, it's just a prank guys, don't call the cops''.

Right now she thinks we lack dark sense of humor. Since she recently turned 18 and just started her adulthood, she admitting to trying to act childish by playing a prank. She thinks we need to stop being upset by now, that it was just a prank.
1 y
She also said she was tired of hearing too much about the pandemic that she did that prank to light some humor. She kept saying ''guys, where is the sense of humor, it's not like I was going to falsely accuse someone, it was just a joke''.
1 y
the black eye was make-up
Honestly how cruel is making a rape prank?
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