Do you think stay home millennial mom's really need nannies?

I am not trying to mommy shame this was just a conversation disagreement I had with my cousin she is currently expecting her baby and is looking for a nanny. When she told me I was like oh you have plans on going back to work considering her husband makes good money. My cousin tells me no I am just stressed out that I will not have me time or my husband and I have alone time and within two months she wants to celebrate her 30 birthday with her girlfriends at the club 🙄. I don't mean to come off. Rude I just told my cousin then why did you even get pregnant in the first place if you don't want to raised your own child instead pay a stranger to do it for you. She look at me like as if I was crazy and shocked. My cousin claims that woman always need me time and enjoy that there is nothing wrong with having a nanny around. In my opinion okay some mom's have to work don't have a choice but to live their kids with a family relative , Daycare or hire a nanny but in my cousins case she does not have plans on going to work so I really don't agree with having a stranger raising her kid. My cousin wants to still go out with friends get her nails done and shop around. While her husband hired a house keeper for her yet she claims that she is stressed. I really don't understand woman from my generation.
Do you think stay home millennial mom's really need nannies?
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