Would you be willing to celebrate your birthday with a party one year after?

I mean since what it counts is the thought of iit or a party is a party or no way you be celebrate your birthday one year after, it will feel meaningless.

The thing is this. I turned 50 last year and I know for many people turning 50 has to be a big thing, In the case of my cousin when she turned 50, her daughter planned a party with family and friends. My cousin now is 54. I also have friends who celebrated theri 50 this year with gatherings with family or friends either at homes, or at restaurants (since the pandemic is not like a huge risk anymore).

So last year I turned 50 on April and since we were in pandemic well, nothing could be done in my case. I di dnot ahve a family gathering or a party I did not ahve friends gathering, I mean nothing really I had. What i had was that my brother my mom and myself went to my sister house to eat some cake and have coffee along side her husband. That was what I had as a celebration, noone else was invited just the people I just mentioned. Precisely for the pandemic is that my sister never organized me anything big as last year we did not hang out with relatives that often. The timed passed and I never got any celebration worthy for turning 50. But I did not complain or question I did not have one anyway, cause we were in pandemic so nothing like a party could be done.

This year in January, my female cousin and her brother brought up in a conversation that how come I did not have my 50`s party and how come my siblings did not organize me anything even a small party with only relatives. Liek I said it was during pandemic and that was one fo the reasons my sister did not organize me anything and did not think to even organize me anything. Well the time passed and now I turn 51 in April and this time It was just a birthday cake and beverages with this time with 3 aunts only and my mom, no siblings , no cousins (my aunts kids), that was beacuse it fell during Easter week and I was
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having soem days off at my aunt house (family house) who lives near the beach with my mom during those days and the rest of my cousins and my sister and brother were not at my aunts house the day it was my birthday, they were at my aunts house one week before but not the week after, as all had to return to work.

Anyway now we are in June and my female cousin and her brother for the second time brought up to a conversation today, that my 50`s birthday had to be celebrated with a party (even if
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it had been one year and a half ago), my both cousins insist and insist I have to have a party, and it does not matter if im already 51 but a party has to take place and my cousins believe that if my sister do not want to organize anything they will do it on their own then. My sister may not organize me anythign cause my 50th was last year I already have 51 for my sister she may think taht what is the big deal of our cousins to throw me a party for a brithday that it was last year and why the
Would you be willing to celebrate your birthday with a party one year after?
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