Is it normal to sometimes hate my parents when they mistreat others?


When I was 10 years old, I saw them mistreating a maid and didn't like it at all. They acted like the typical arrogant, snobbish people, giving all the other wealthy people (and kids from wealthy families) a horrrible reputation. For example my mother would purposely throw her popcorn and coke (pretending it was an accident), called her by the name and told her to hurry. My father wasn't any different either. Then they used to laughed. I never found that funny.

When I tried to speak up and told them she was still a human, I got told to just shut up and let her do the job, that maids are suppose to be treated like that. I was the only one that said good morning to her, cleaned my room and secretly tried helping her with some tasks.

She quitted eventually but we never lost contact. I heard she's doing better elsewhere and actually has completed college. She only considers me as family, as a friend but wants nothing to do with my parents. She's impressed I didn't got ruined by them. Sometimes I really hate my parents when they mistreat others. Is this normal?

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I feel bad that I couldn't do much to help her back then. I was a kid and they were the adults. I couldn't really go against them too much or they would ground me if I spoke up too much. Even as a kid, I never liked how they treated others.
Is it normal to sometimes hate my parents when they mistreat others?
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