What happens if you show that you're more mature than the ghoster?


So, the ghoster (internet friend) cameback after 3 weeks. I replied a day later, they left me on read, and they finally replied 2 days later. They're acting like they went through some drama, that they "have nobody" and that they're trying to fix their mistakes. They also asked how I was doing. I replied, a few hours later. Told them how I was doing and I've also invited them to talk with me if they ever feel the need (since what they're "going through" is difficult).

They haven't read it yet, but I feel like I did good. I didn't show much interest in them (and I also didn't act very enthusiast), but I showed them that I was the better person by showing that I don't hold any grudge (for what they've done), etc. It basically shows that I can forgive them, and that I know everyone makes mistakes. Maybe they will be impressed by the way I've reacted. They've hurt me, but I'm still able to forgive and do the right thing. I could have said "too bad, you deserve it". but I didn't. I've treated them the way I'd like to be treated if I were them. Maybe it will make them realize that they shouldn't have ghosted me in the first place. I don't know what their intentions are, but there's always a possibility that they feel bad for their actions. I can't wait to see what they'll reply. Because I know that they will most likely reply.

Only time will tell.

What happens if you show that you're more mature than the ghoster?
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