Would you be mad if your brother do not attend Mothers day lunch?


because he is mad and upset to his sister and the sister is also mad at him so the less they see each other the better. Next week is Mothers day and me, my brother and myself and my married sister were taken into account to go to have lunch with our cousins and her family (her parents, her siblings) cause we are very close and usually hang out togther often.

The thing is that my brotehr has a temper and we we were invited 2 weeks ago, he alreayd said he was not going beause he does not have money to spend on a lunch and if he want to take mom out he will do it some other time, but he won't go to the speical Mothers day with the family, he does not feel up going period.

My mother is very resented at him, but my brother has a difficult character and temper he had always been like taht always, hard to deal with. At htat Motehrs day lunch is not only for my mom the celebration is also for my aunt (my cousin mom and even my cousin cause she is also a mother)

We can't force our brother to atend if he does not want, even if it is Mothers Day lunch. My cousin who is organizing the lunch is mad at my brother (her cousin) beacuse she can't understand why he won't be going beause the celebration is for our mother.

My sister had been upset with my brother since 4 days ago for this issue and for another personal issue between them so my sister even more do not expect my brother to go to the Mothes day lunch and probably my brother dont want to go cause he does not want to run into our sister, the less he sees her the better, even if my relatives will be there and he can talk to the realtives if he wanted to, but he is not going. So my sister says since he is not going at least he should pinch in and collaborate ($$) with money as we will have to treat mom for that day, otherwise only you and me (sister) will have to treat mom

Would you be mad if your brother do not attend Mothers day lunch?
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