My family doesn’t believe I have a future with my boyfriend?

So I am 20 years old and started dating my boyfriend almost a year ago. He is german, my parents are from turkey but I was born and raised in Germany. My father doesn’t know about him as he would go crazy and beat me up. I was recently accepted into university and felt secure enough to tell my mum and 3 aunties of mine whom I am very close with. All of them except for one aunt are against it. They can’t force time to break up as I would continue to date him secretly but they don’t believe in out future due to cultural differences.

So obviously I wasn’t naive enough to think otherwise, yet their reactions keep hurting me. Except for one aunt of mine, none of them wanted to know if he makes me happy, if he has a good influence on me, if he treats me right. They only asked about his religion.
As I grew up in German schools, had German friends and teachers etc I felt like I grew up in 2 different worlds. I made it work but honestly I feel more comfortable in German culture because I don’t feel caged.
I still value my roots and all and my boyfriend respects all of it a lot.

He is the most perfect human ever. No one makes me laugh that much, no one listens to me und and understands me like he does, no one has ever treated me like a princess the way he has. He is so respectful and wants my parents to like him when he proposes to me after we graduate. He has even started to learn the Turkish language so he can communicate with my father. I love him so so much. It hurts me that my family is way too narrow minded and can’t accept him. Whatever it is, we always share the same opinion whenever it’s about an important topic like raising children etc.

I feel hurt and frustrated that they don’t believe in us. Breaking up definitely isn’t an option. No matter what.

Just wanted to rent here but I would love to listen to your opinions.
My family doesn’t believe I have a future with my boyfriend?
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