Should I take this as an offense?

I’ve known this friend for about a year now and we’ve become close over this time. When visting me for dinner about six weeks ago, she suggested that I host a dinner party because I enjoy cooking. This sounded like a good opportunity to get my friends and neighbors together and introduce them all. I selected a date five weeks out and kept her apprised of developments. Just this past weekend, she mentioned was invited by another group of friends to go on a camping trip the same weekend the dinner party was planned. She didn’t confirm she was going, but I was a bit thrown off as I made my plans clear well before this. Tonight, she texted me that she’s more certain she’ll be going on that trip.

I haven't responded as I’m still trying to process this. She’s otherwise been a good friend but this stings because she was the one to suggest this plan in the first place. If it was anyone else, it would feel less personal. Part of me wants to call her out, but it doesn’t feel right to guilt trip her into coming. I’m doing my best to see this from her perspective, but I think how unapologetic it is makes me question the value she puts on our friendship. Had she explained there was a more personal issue behind this, we could try and come to an understanding.

Its making me question if I didn’t seem confident enough in my own plans, or if she is just acting selfish. Should her plans fall through, I’m not really even sure I want to extend the invite back to her.

How would you proceed from here?

Should I take this as an offense?
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