Messaging a girl from highschool on Facebook

I am 23 years old and graduated highschool back in 2008. I have been having this desire to contact a girl I went to h.s with through Facebook, as I have no other ways of contacting her unless by chance we cross paths. She liked me back in h.s but we never spoke and to be honest I was not interested in a girlfriend back then lol. However summer of 2012 I was doing yard work in my front yard and she drove by and she got visibly excited, smiling etc, however I had my hands full and didn't get a chance to at least wave to her. My question is would it be weird to send this girl a casual Facebook message in hopes of getting in touch with her and having it build from there.

I am kind of paranoid about doing this because I chatted with another girl I went to h.s with on Facebook back in 2009 but she stopped responding so I dropped it. I saw her summer of 2011 at a ice cream shop with her friends and she looked at me and said to them "that kid is an ass". I just ignored her but I took offense to it because I was very polite with my messages like; how is school, what are you studying etc. Either she thought I was an ass for messaging her or she thought I was the person who had an infamous troll Facebook account who used to leave these awful comments on people's walls and stuff.

I am a good looking guy; 6 foot 4, athletic and handsome but I have always been insecure with myself, not sure why. I really am a nice guy, don't believe in one night stands and superficial relationships. I am into health and fitness but also have a large variety of interests, however I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.

I just don't know if I should follow through with this or not and if I do I want to do this right and leave a good impression instead of coming across as a stalker. As I mentioned in my first paragraph we never spoke, ever, but she did recognize me last summer and no I am not imagining this.
Messaging a girl from highschool on Facebook
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