Do you think I'm too close with my daughter or her dad is just jealous?

She's 5 years old and she's like my little mini me. I don't believe in being friends with your child because I have to be a mum first but she definitely feels like my best friend at times and I love her to pieces.

We do everything together and everyone says she's like my mini me. We have the best times together. We're always having mummy and daughter days. We love dancing, shopping, all things girly.

Me and her dad have a good relationship to a certain degree. He's always been there for us both and he's a great dad I can not deny that it's just he has nothing in common with are little girl like I do and I think he gets jealous.

When he takes her out he takes her camping or fishing and she tells me she hates it because it's cold and dirty but I always encourage her to make a effort and try and get her excited for there trips out together. He says it's my fault because I've raised her be to girly and only like the stuff I like which I don't think is fair at all.

She's 5 years old I can't force anything on her, she is who she is and she likes what she likes. She might change her mind one day and decide but she likes camping and fishing but the thing is I don't force her into these things she voluntary takes interest unlike her dad.

He doesn't take any interest in the stuff she likes, it's always got to be what he likes to do. There's no harm in him playing princess tea party with her you know what I mean. He might not enjoy it but he should enjoy making his little girl happy.

I feel like he cares too much about his masculinity to do the stuff she'd actually enjoy. I feel terrible because when she comes back and I say how was your day with daddy she says she hated it right in front of him and I have to tell her off for saying that.

He always blames me to and says I've turned her against him when I actually haven't I think he's a great dad and I always get her to make him little pictures and stuff when he's not around.

Do you think I'm too close with my daughter or her dad is just jealous?
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