Are you a fast text replier or not?


Or it depends on the urgency of the issue and the person you are responding to or you take some time to reply? In that case how long you take for it, hours, the next day? Or you hate being left in the dark even one day after?

I have a married sister who is very controlling and she hates being left int he dark because I dotn respond to her right away or even hours later, she wants me to respond her to any text whether is important or not important like NOW. Im not a fast responder and I take my time if I see is not that urgent or important, I could reply the next day. My sister gets mad at me because Im being like that, she is not like that, she is hooked to her mobile almost 24/7. I do check my mobile but to respond to text I take my time and she hates it.

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For example yesterday she phone my mom to see how was she doing after she some medical procedure. My mom spoke to her directly on the phone. I mean I dont knowwhat my mom told her but I knew they both spoke. Then like 10 minutes later my sister texted me and asked me how mom was int he procedure, the swame thing she asked mom directly I did not respond her beause minutes earlier she spoke to her directly. So today in the morning she got mad at me beause I did nto replied to her
Are you a fast text replier or not?
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