Why do sometimes enemies turn into best friends?


I was very competitive and ambitious my whole teen years and in university.

My childhood best friend and I initially hated each other,

When we turned into best friends she told me I annoyed her a lot, because I was the only one who didn’t seem to be affected by her actions.

Everybody else who was getting tutored with her, left the class, because she annoyed, bullied and made them feel less smarter than her, just because she enjoyed doing though and then when I went to her class,

she tried her best and could not hurt me any way, and I was even having fun of her attempts. That annoyed her a lot and she was telling her best friends that I was the most annoying person she has met.

We also competed with each other, at class and because of that we never stopped improving.

Later on, we turned into the best friends and I must say, I’d never felt so much respect and deep appreciation for anyone before, I was thirsty of talking to her, it felt like she was my other half, not romantically, but through the mindset. She felt the same.

I admired her and she admired me and we changed each other in a way.

She told me I made her a better person and shaped her personality very deeply.

It was the most influential and fulfilling friendship of my life and we started off by hating each other.

Why do sometimes enemies turn into best friends?
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