Are children really innocent as people like to think?


I'm in my mid teens by now but when I was 9, I already know many elaborated words and concepts, even sex terms too. If I wanted to act more mature than my age at the time, I could.

Then at age 10, my friend and I cause someone's break-up. We hated that person for no reason and plotted lies. How about that? All that elaboration and ruining someone's relationship (making the person believe they got cheated on) was the work of two 10 year-olds, me and my male friend.

I think I lost my overall innocence early on and already know directions, who not to trust, how to lie, etc. Then again, I was raised in an environment that forced me to be streetwise and think adult-like so young that I thought that was normal. Overall, are children really innocent creatures (incapable of hurting others and all loving and naive) as people like to think?

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Needless to say, I don't know whatever happened to the person that got falsely framed as a cheater. Never seen that couple ever again since.
Are children really innocent as people like to think?
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