Is my friend a jerk for expecting us to split the bill?

Long story short, my friend and I went on a one week holiday abroad. Normally when we would travel in the past we would always each pay our share, whether it was for accommodation, restaurant visits etc.

I had taken out foreign currency to pay for my expenses on the holiday, whilst my friend had brought her card.

One of the nights we went out to eat, the restaurant’s card machine wasn’t working so I covered the whole bill by cash. At the time, my friend said she would cover dinner the next night.

The following night we went out for dinner at a different restaurant. I asked for the bill, expecting my friend was going to pay. She said “how are we going to do this?”, referring to us splitting the bill. I told her: “I thought you were going to pay tonight since I paid last night” She went ahead and paid. The amount I had paid the night before was even more expensive than what she ended up paying on this particular visit.

I’ll be honest it took me aback that she would even ask that question, considering the fact that I had paid the previous night and also had paid for some other cafe visits (totalling 40 something dollars) that I never asked to her pay.

Was she just playing stupid and trying to get us to split again? How would you have felt if your friend did that?

Is my friend a jerk for expecting us to split the bill?
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