Things I've Learned from my Hairdresser

Like a lot of women, I chat with my hairdresser since I’m usually in her chair for a good hour or two every eight weeks. Here are some of the things that have stuck with me over the years.

Things I've Learned from my Hairdresser

1. “My mom had chemotherapy, so I shaved my head to show my support. Now people see me and stare, they see all my tattoos and shaved head…some have passed muttering, ‘Dyke.’ People just don’t know who they are talking to when they shout things or stare. They have no idea what someone is going through. I’m not even the one with cancer, and it really hurts."

2. “If you don’t want it to look like your bangs are actually cut, don’t say ‘trim’, say ‘dust’. Trim means I’m going to take off a fraction of the hair, but to dust means I’m going to snip the ends so it looks like dust on your lap – barely cut.”

3. “Julian asked me why he isn’t related to his [step]brother. He said that Tomas told him that they weren’t actually related by blood. The boys used to be so happy now they’re both sad. I said, ‘Listen, some brothers are related by blood, some are related by heart. You and Tomas are related by heart, so you are definitely still brothers.’ Then they were happy again.”

4. “If you can handle it, only wash your hair in tepid water and only every second day. It will keep the colour lasting longer. Hot water in a blasting shower is sure to wash the colour out sooner.”

5. “If you wanted to lose twenty pounds by the time you were forty, don’t feel bad that you haven’t. You have twelve months of being forty to still make that goal.”

6. “Try spraying some hairspray right in to your hands and rub your hands together. Immediately after, rub the ends of your hair or pinch your hair in to place. It allows the hairspray to be concentrated on that one area rather than spraying a whole section of hair.”

7. “I met my husband when I was twenty and he was thirty-five. People said it wouldn’t last. They didn’t like him. Said he was too old for me. I wondered if I should worry about it, or just live my life. We decided to just ignore them and live our lives. Good thing, because after fifteen years together and counting, they are still talking! If I chose to worry, then I would have so far lost fifteen good years of my life.”

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  • My hairdressers (literally, barbers) are a very funny. They're 3 in number. They are partners. We talk about politics, sports and girls lol.
    You're lucky to have such a wise hairdresser. :)


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  • This take was the most unexpectedly fresh thing I've read on here! =)
    I love the mix of professional and personal. And it's really true. Hairdressers really do make a person feel at home. =)

  • I've have yet to have a hairstylist I can relate to. Mine tend to be much older and a different ethnicity. I get my hair African braided a lot.
    My hairstylists tend to be women working in African braiding salons they usually speak to eachother the entire time non-stop in their language.
    Lol, it gives me a headache at times because I tend to get hair styles that take five plus hours.
    I hear non stop rambling and all I can think is, don't your jaws get tired?
    Besides that they are polite to me and do a pretty great job , so I keep coming back.
    I've been with the same lady for five years now.

    Great take by the way !

    When you really clique with your stylist it turns into a second home :D

    Just dish out all the business , haha.

  • I love my hairstylist. I pre-judged her years ago to not be able to do my hair the way I wanted. I am very picky about who touches my hair. Amy is a gothic type chick. Always in black. Piercings. Tattoos. Short/shaved hair with all of these crazy colors in it. I wasted so many years of not going to her. She's probably the best cut/stylist that my kids and I have ever gone to. She's also one of the nicest and down-to-earth people I have ever known. She's always talking and listening. She shares advice and loves doing things for people to better themselves or their situations. Hairdressers are to women what bartenders are to men. Lol.

  • I never go to the hairdresser (I don't like small talk) and they don't ever talk about interesting things, but this was a unique take idea. :)

  • Would number to be something like this? (Dust)

    • No, it's not a style. It's the actual amount that would be coming off as he/she cuts your hair. So it's one thing to "trim" and you see bits of hair falling on your lap. Or to "dust" which means it's barely even being cut to even be noticeable. All she is doing is dusting the hair to remove the itsy bitsy split ends so that the overall appearance doesn't even look like your hair got cut at all.

    • Oh , I get it now. Thanks. :)