How to become a vampire for a day

You're one of those people obsessed with vampires, even before it became popular. You've read all vampire books and movies you got your hands on. You 've googled for information on anything related to vampires, from clothes to rare diseases. You 've secretly wished to become a vampire, even though you know this won't happen, and even if it did, it would be awful, and you'd probably hate yourself, if you were actually still yourself by then, and not a monster.

What if I told you, you could be a vampire for one day? With no catches and bad side effects. You won't die, you won't need to make a deal with the devil or take part in weird rituals. Unfortunately, you won't have any superpowers either. No mind control, super strength or hearing, no turning into a bat. But, other people won't know that. ;)

So, as you might have guessed, following this guide won't make you an actual vampire, but rather, it will give you instructions on how to fool everyone for a day that you actually are a vampire. Obviously, the best day to do this, is the day of Halloween! But you'll be so convincing, people will wonder if it's a costume or not. Remember, your goal is to convince others you are a vampire for a day, so you have to look AND act the part. You must create mystery and allure around you. You'll go for a dark and elegant look. You don't want it to be obvious you're a vampire, so no fake blood or teeth. Of course this is all for fun, if you aren't interested don't go in the trouble. Feel free to follow any steps you like from the following.


Choose a hairstyle from the ones below or pick a sililarly styled wig.

1. Slicked back

That's a classic hairstyle, it's in fashion for the last 100 years. It shows you could be born many years ago.

How to become a vampire for a day

Here is a guide on how to do it :

2. Pin-straight:

That's a look that emphasizes your eyes and face shape.

3. Fringe or long hair in front of your face:

This creates mystery, because it hides part of your face. To achieve it, bring all your hair forward if it's on the shorter side, or do a middle part if it's long.

4. Curly hair

Put some mousse or hairspray on it, to get it more voluminous.

5. Wild teased hair

It's wild, gives off a dark vibe and it's mysterious.

6. A unique, edgy hairstyle or haircolour


1. Contact lenses in a weird colour

Buy them from an optician or a certified and reliable seller. Put them on before you do your make up, because you might tear up and ruin it, or you may get make up in your eyes, unless you are familiar with putting them on and you are capable to get them in effortlessly. If you haven't done this before, train with putting on contact lenses and having them in your eyes some days ago. Beware, have clean hands while you do this, and when you take off the lenses, wash them with the solution and keep them in the special container.

2. Foundation, concealer and setting powder(males and females)

Pick a foundation 1-3 shades lighter than your complexion. Vampires are pale. Don't use cheap Halloween white face paint, it looks too obvious and it's bad for the skin. Be sure to cover your ears, neck, around the eyes, decolletage and arms as well, if the foundation is noticeably whiter than your skin tone. You want to make it look natural. If you're a male, don't put foundation over any facial hair. Put concealer over your pimples and imperfections, but maybe not on dark circles. Set with setting powder.

3. Pencil liner, eye liner and eye shadow

Tightline around your eyes, then do a smoky eye, smudge some eyeliner around your eyes or do cat eye makeup. Then use black or red eyeshadow.

4. Mascara and fake lashes.

To make your eyes look more intense

5. Fangs (optional)

If you do wear fangs, find small ones that don't look tacky. Plastic fangs from the coin machine at the grocery store will just look silly.Tooth caps are much easier to speak with than a full mouthpiece, and they look more natural.Don't paint blood on your teeth, it's tacky and silly. Apply lip stick after fitting your fangs to avoid a mess.You can make fake fangs using straws by cutting then into sharp pointy teeth and cutting slits on them to put on your teeth. If the straw seems too white or looks bleached, try mixing a small amount of orange with white nail polish and apply it on the fangs.

6. Lipstick

Colours: Bright red, deep red, burgundy, purple, black

7. Sunglasses

They give off some mystery


Let your nails grow long, but keep them neatly filed to a rounded point. You can paint them black, blood red or purple


Pick clothes in dark jewel shades, red and black, and also anything in those colours that is leather, lace, silk and velvet. Also anything embroidered. They should be along those lines: Elegant, mysterious, edgy, sexy, alluring, victorian, aristocrat, high end.

What not to wear: Sneakers, converses, jeans, ripped pants, tight mini skirts, polo shirts, pastels, bright colours (except red)

Shoes: Dress shoes, heels or boots (any type), doc martens, spiky or black flats

Outerwear: Coats, preferably long, leather jackets or intricate cardigans

Females: Skinny jeans, intricate tops, skater skirts, pencil skirts that reach the knee, long dresses, wide skirts, cutouts, corsets, see through

Males: Dress pants, black, white or red shirts, frilly shirts, leather pants, straight leg pants, skinny pants, intricate clothes, striped clothes, black T-shirt

Accessories: Pocket watches, silver intricate jewellery, canes, antique brooches or pins, old necklaces, anything with spikes, chokers, silver bangles and bracelets, amulets, rings with carvings, anything with skulls or roses , umbrella (to keepsun off you).



Now than you look the part, you also have to act the part.

(However, I don't think that having an accent is necessary)

1. Hightened senses:

Pretend you listen, watch, smell, perceive things other people don't. Be vigilant about your surroundings and notice small details.

2. Speed:

Walk in a very quick pace, even though there is no need for it.Do things really fast, like opening doors or backpacks but do not mess up so you look like graceful and flawless; like you have been doing it for a long time. Move quietly, don't stomp your feet down.

3. Be mysterious:

When someone asks you about something, reply with short answers and don't provide all the details. Don't blink often. Don't laugh too loudly.Do not fidget, and try not to go to the toilet too often.Practice a good evil smile. Try smiling with half of your mouth smiling more than the other. Reserve your smiles for moments of real joy and hilarity, not for commonplace happenings. Speak in a low voice, it;s more seductive.

4. Fangs:

Smile with your mouth closed, and try to act sensitive about your teeth.

5. No reflection:

Make a small, 'prank mirror'. Simply make a frame as big as your mirror, take a photo standing right in front of your frame, back to it, laminate the photo and fit it into your frame. That way, it will appear as if you have no reflection. However, neither will your friend, so you should leave them time for them to realize you have no reflection, then act panicked and take the 'mirror' down before any further investigation can be made. Also, act scared at the possibility of photos.

6. Vampire eating habits:

Avoid eating in front of others. Drink any red drink. Hava a bottle of edible fake blood or red juice in your bag and drink occasionally from it. Act like you don't want others to examine the content A good recipe for edible fake blood is to mix syrup, cocoa powder, sugar, and red food coloring. This one tastes like hot chocolate. If you would prefer something juicier, try fruit juice/squash, red food coloring and syrup. Act weird in sight of blood. Stare at someone intently, like they are edible, then cover your nose and mouth and act ashamed.

7. Not feeling cold:

Just don't complain about the cold, or don't wear a jacket if you can bear it.

8. Knowledge, intelligence and good manners:

Living for centuries, you shoukd know more than the average human. As a creature of the night, your mind is cunning. Good manners is a sign of old aristocrats. Read up about some current subjects, study history, and etiquette. Use ancient words, unusual sentences, speak in a formal way, don't cuss.

9, Transforming into a bat:

Hide something in your pocket, then tell your friend that you need to find something. Then rush off and hide somewhere (like in the little bit between the wall, bed and little table, in a tree, in a hedge, standing or leaning on a radiator or large windowsill with the curtain behind you) until they start looking for you. At this point you should slowly emerge from your hiding place, as if transforming back from your bat form. Hold your object in the air and say "Yes! I have found it!" before looking awkwardly at your friend. If done correctly they'll be wondering how you got there.

10. Hissing:

If someone makes you angry, or if you see any garlic or a cross. You have to train on it, so you won't look ridiculous doing it.

Warnings and tips:

1. Don't take this seriously, it's only for fun. It's not meant as a lifestyle guide, but as a Halloween costume quide.

2. Don't bite anyone or otherwise intentionally try to harm people.

3. Don't tell anyone you're dressed up as a vampire, pretent all this is natural.

4. This whole guide is made in order to diy you look, don't buy premade dracula costumes for this look.

5. Follow as many steps you like, the more you do, the more authentic you 'll look.

6. If you do not want to buy the things you need, because you cannot find them or they are expensive, make them! It is very easy to make and decorate small objects for this. Also try thrift shops and flea markets.

7. Do not go around with fake blood,knives, bad pictures or anything that will put you in jail.


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