Male celebrities that look better bald

I don’t know what men nowadays fear the most, losing their ball sack or going bald. If I have to pick a number I have to say that out of 100 bald men I came across in my life only like 1-2 have admit that they are proud to be bald. The rest felt like they’ve been cursed for life, going as far as wearing a wig or a hat 24/7 in order to hide what they consider a big shame in life.

Yes a lot of negativity have been tide to baldness. Guys who go bald usually complain that they look old, ugly, unhealthy, etc. you know a total confidence killer! But oh well as of now I'm sharing this Mytake to inform the world that being bald isn’t such a bad thing and there a lot of guys out there that were actually met to be bald and here they are...

Male celebrities that look better bald

Michael Jordan

last time I checked this guy was to bald guys what Mosses was to the Hebrews.

Bruce Willis

let's face it, this guy is usually John McClain in 90 out of the 100 movies he starts in. I believe these scripts fit him a lot better as a baldy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Texas Rattlesnake! This rattlesnake doesn’t look so intimidating with hair, am I right or wrong?

Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones

This guy is responsible for making bald a hip hop trend. couldn't find a picture of his with hair but I'm having a real tough time picturing him with hair at the moment.


Over a decade ago Eminem had a personal vendetta with this guy, and I remember calling him bald was one of the combats he used against him. But oh well I don’t think pointing out he was bald was such a good combat against him.

Tupac Shakur

I would be on drugs if I understimated this man. but his “Thug Life” image sure became a lot more convincing after shaving his head bald.

Taye Diggs

This is one handsome s.o.b. that usually stays underrated the majority of the times. but I bet he will get worst if he lets his hair grow back.

Tyrese Gibson

This one is also somewhat underrated. Having star in such a lot of blockbuster hits and making a lot of good R&B hits throughout the 90s and early 2000s I think he deserves more fame. But how much you want to bet he got nominated to star in all his hardcore movies do to his hypermasculine image that his baldness punctuates.

Jason Statham

Do we need further explination?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The people's champ! by now I'm pretty sure that every big wrestling fan out there knows that this guy's hyped up line up screamed out that this guy was born to be bold. to be honest I think his baldness takes things to another level both as an action hero and as a wrestler.

Vin Diesel

The winner! I'm being honest when I say I've never met a girl out there who hasn't drool over this guy, and on the same boat I dont think I've met a guy out there who hasn't idlelize this guy one way or another. but obviously I think there views would of been a little different if they ever saw him with hair.


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  • Agree with all except Bruce. Much more attractive with hair... although not bad looking without it either. =)


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  • Good take ( obviously I am biased LoL) but I agree with Stacyzee - Guys with hair, most keep it and work it but once it goes beyond a certain stage of thininess, combovers, cover up hairstyles and wigs etc often struggle to suit. Hair transplants are really expensive so just go the whole hog and shave it off. Most men who do this when you talk to them (me included) is why didn't I do this earlier.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Jason should have shaved the rest of his hair off.
    I hate the "holding on look" if the hair is going finish the job.
    Besides that , all these men look great.
    Can I add Steve Wilkos to the list?
    Baldness only suits a certain facial structure however.
    Some men look sexy with it while others look ordinary.

    • i think he should also as I believe that "holding on look" is what adds ages to the person's looks.

      but sure Steve Wilkos is pretty good and i don't know how i missed him. but wasn't he one of the security guards at The Jerry Springer Show?

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    • Hotline? Never knew about that.
      I've always thought he looked great with a bald head, and some of these men that you have shown as well.
      Do you have a bald head?
      If so, how do women react to it?

    • yea it was probably a joke. but i'm not bald though I always wanted to know how I would look if I shave my whole head. but i'm kinda afraid to try it as I may regret it, but at the same time I kinda wouldn't mind since I have the weirdest type of hair ever

  • Tupamaros looks good with and without hair


What Guys Said 6

  • I shave my head nowadays. Love it
    And I sleep so much more comfortable.

    I would add one to the list. Pro surfing legend 10 x world champ Kelly Slater

  • Tupac and Tyrese could go either way with the right haircut. Pretty much everyone else on the list was or is balding. Going full bald looks better than a bad receding headline

  • Totally agree with your list!! The first few that came to mind you have on here.

  • Woooah Stone Cold and Vin Diesel sharing the win. Stone Cold's pic with hair is straight blasphemous

  • Don't forget Neil Strauss!

  • I'll go bald.