Men's Hairstyles, Part 4 - Celebrities with Long Hair

Now I'm getting to the point where I don't know the names of the hairstyles, so I'm just going to name them after the celebrities that have them. While this take centers around celebrity hairstyles, I've also focused on longer styles.

18. Jared Padalecki

He plays the role of Sam Winchester on Supernatural. He's frequently seen with long hair that curls a bit around the ears.

19. Steve Bays

Lead singer of the band Hot Hot Heat. It's too bad the band is breaking up. At least they're going out with one last album. I really like their single Magnitude.

20. Chad Kroeger

Lead singer of the band Nickelback, and was briefly married to Avril Lavigne.

21. Rex Goudie

He was a runner-up on American Idol and released 3 albums afterwards. You may not know of him but I do because he's from my home province of Newfoundland. I don't think he's putting out albums anymore - he went back to school to do mechanical engineering technology or something like that.

Ok, I'm starting to digress a bit. I wanted to provide some background on who the celebrities are but this take is supposed to focus on the hairstyles. Let me get back on track with some people I know next to nothing about.

22. Jared Leto

Long hair that I can only describe as Jesus-like.

23. Sonny John Moore (Skrillex)

Must've left before the barber finished. I don't think it looks that good.

24. Justin Trudeau

No list of hairstyles would be complete without Justin Trudeau's hair. He's the current prime minister of Canada.

25. Justin Bieber

This was his hairstyle when he was younger. I don't care much for him nor any of his hairstyles.

26. David Beckham (top), and Nick Carter (bottom)

I include these two under the same heading as they share(d) similar hairstyles with the center parted.

27. William Michael Albert Broad (Billy Idol)

Platinum blonde hair that's combed backwards is iconic of this singer.

When it comes to men's hairstyles it can help to take inspiration from celebrities. Or you could just go your own way with eccentric hairstyles.

Which styles do you like? Do you have any celebrity hairstyles that I missed?


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  • Jared Leto and Steve Bays look the coolest I think