Men's Hairstyles, Part 3 - Eccentric Styles

If you want to stand out (for better or worse) then try one of these styles.

...some of these are laughable so don't hold me accountable if you attempt any of these.

12. Mohawk Variations

These don't really need a description as it would be hard to confuse them with any other style. If you want one of these then be warned that it may require a lot of patience and maintenance.

A. Bihawk

Men's Hairstyles, Part 3 - Eccentric Styles

B. Trihawk

C. Reverse Mohawk

I bet this one was invented by a hairstylist that f*cked up.

D. Devilock

E. Liberty Spikes

F. Psychobilly Wedge

Kudos if you know who this is (the letters in the background are a hint). I remember in an interview once he was talking about one time he was at an airport and one of the security people asked him to take off his hat. He said 'Um, that's my hair.' XD

I could write an entire take, perhaps two, on mohawk variations alone but that's enough. Sure, they're different, unique, but they're too weird for my liking.

13. Rat Tail

Who thought this was a good idea?

14. Ponytail

Guys, I think we better leave this one to the girls.

15. The Man Bun

You could probably get away with this one if you're sexy. Either ways, I think it should go.

16. The Weeknd (Dreadlocks)

Head like a f*cking pineapple. Kudos if you get my possibly obscure reference.

17. Emo

This is a mixed bag of hairstyles involving hair that is: long, straight, covering one eye, dyed black, dyed multiple colours, layered, and/or spiky.

Of all the eccentric hair styles I've covered in this take, I actually like emo styles. I've tried to go for such a style before but it's not practical. How can people grow their hair out in front of their eyes? It gets in the way. Also, if your hair isn't straight then it's a nuisance trying to get and keep it straight as any bit of rain, sweat, or humidity will cause it to curl back up. My verdict is that it's very stylish but too high maintenance.

Why does it seem like men get stuck with so many crappy hairstyles? I'm hoping I can find something better for future takes.... Though I suppose it helps to get the bad styles out of the way in a process of elimination.

Perhaps part 4 will cover long styles but I'm open to other suggestions, other themes.

Here's the link to part 2 (short styles) if you missed it:



Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha I always see the emo one, liberty spikes, and the devilock at Warped tour, and occasionally we get the psychobilly bands so that hairstyle turns out in full force.

    that's Ian D'Sa, of Billy Talent, if I'm not mistaken

    • you got it right

    • Yay!

      TBH when we get psychobilly bands at Warped we usually look at them like "Hmm, that's a new one. Don't get a lot of you guys around here." but they're so much better than Mother Feather (google them, it's kinda hilarious)

Most Helpful Guy

  • used to have long hair, then i shaved just one side and keep the other long
    then i had a mohawk , then a mullhawk
    and spiky hair. got to say that, now that im bald, i miss my mullhawk the most. but fuck i look good and sane fresh!


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  • It is like looking at a list of WWE wrestlers who never quite made it

  • I had liberty spikes for a Halloween costume once.

  • The Ponytail isn't a style, it's a way of keeping your hair out of your face or keep yourself looking at least somewhat professional from the front. Long hair isn't unprofessional, but the professional world doesn't believe that.

    • Yup. It's unprofessional. Long hair is for girls. And musicians. And hippies.
      For the rest of us? Seek out a good hair stylist while you still have hair, and it's not totally gray. :)

    • If I believe that having an emo hairstyle does not make one emo then I would also have to believe that having a 'professional' hairstyle does not make one professional and that long hair neither makes one professional or unprofessional. You hair style is just that - a style. It's how you carry yourself that makes the difference.

  • No. Just no. F'ing weirdos. :)

  • lmfao man

  • IF you don't think liberty spikes are dope you're a commie

  • Still none of these LMAO. XD

    • Dude, what hairstyle do you have?

    • It's just kind of like a longish look. Maybe I got a girl's haircut, who knows. XD