10 Things I Dislike In A Woman's Appearance, And Why

Well I don't dislike all of them, equally. There are some I can tolerate by some degree, but there are others that are absolute turn-offs.

(In Alphabetical Order)

1) Braces

10 Things I Dislike In A Woman's Appearance, And Why.

They just look...weird. See this woman in the picture for example. Generally she's very pretty, but when she smiles and shows off her braces...I feel totally disappointed. I'm honestly surprised how many guys don't have a problem with braces, according to some recent poll results here.

2) Bushy Eyebrows/ Unibrow

Unfortunately (for me at least), bushy eyebrows have started to become more popular lately, unlike thin eyebrows which used to be more popular like 1 or 2 decades earlier. Hope this trend will fade away.

3) Cracked Heels

Well, I'm one of those guys who notice female feet. And cracked heels can be a major turn-off. They cannot be noticed by the first glance, but once she takes off her shoes and you notice her heels... you can feel the disappointment.

4) Curly Hair

I always thought curly hair makes a woman less appealing. Even if she has nice facial features. It might be just me, but I think straight hair makes a woman way more appealing.

5) Flat Stomach

Never understood its appeal personally, and why so many guys like it. Personally, I'd rather if she has some meat to grab. Also if she has a flat stomach, there are more chances to be a health freak which is something I dislike. I like it when a woman knows how to enjoy life, drink and smoke, without constantly worrying if she will gain 1 or 2 pounds by eating a burger, or she will get cancer if she's just being around people who smoke.

6) Glasses

I really dislike how glasses have became trendy in our days. Wish this trend will fade away, because many sexy women who follow this trend tend to uglify themselves. See this girl I posted how much prettier she looks without glasses. She has nice facial features. Glasses can turn her into a grandma. Not a grandma exactly, but you get what i mean I guess. Certainly they make her way less attractive than she is.

To make my point clearer, about how glasses can turn a beautiful/handsome person into an ugly one (in BOTH genders), you can see more pictures of people with and without glasses here

7) Much Shorter Than Me

I mean like 4 inches or more. It might be just me though, since most women I've been with were usually a little bit taller than me, so I'm not used to a woman who will be like 4 inches or shorter than me.

8. Piercing In Tongue

I like piercings both on face and body. But I will make an exception for tongue piercings. They are not flattering at all.

9) Unpainted/Short Nails

Never understood why a woman would choose to have her nails short or unpainted. Aren't they aware that long and colored nails will boost their attractiveness? Especially some dark color like black, crimson or purple can make her look wonderful!!!

10) Unshaved Arms/Armpits

And body hair (including upper lip hair of course) in general. It would be a major turn-off once I notice. It happened a few times when I was on the subway or on the bus. There've been some girls who had a pretty face, but once my eyes went to their arms, I lost interest. Don't understand why a woman would choose to not wax. It will make her less appealing if she doesn't.


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  • I'm a nail biter and I work in a kitchen therefore am not permitted to have nail polish on. Under other circumstances I do grow nice long nails, but would never get fake ones put on, I think that looks worse.

    Arm hair!! That is really effing gross. If I let mine grow I'd have like... monkey arms.

    I agree on the tongue ring, I usually don't notice it anyway though

    Most guys like bigger women, it's normal to be attracted to wider hips.

    Most of everything you said is perfectly legit and normal (except for curly hair, that one surprised me) Things change when you find your woman though.

    • Those bastards eh? Never understood why they don't allow it.

      We agree in most! Glad to know!

    • Well no I get it, if the nail polish chips and ends up in the food, that's kinda gross lol. So you'd get your plate and what you think is some seasoning could potentially be nail polish that sat on someones fingernail for weeks, god only knows where that's been lol

    • I actually really love curly hair I can't imagine why thats looked down on by anyone if I had to pick a favorite id say wavy

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  • What's up with bashing the dude's opinion like that? he likes what he likes, dislikes what he dislikes. He clearly stated it as an opinion and not a universal truth.

    So many butt aches on this take lol


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  • Yeah, I mean everyone has their own preferences, but I'm not sure you'll find lots of girls who shave their arms. With everything else we have to worry about - shaving one's arms is the last thing we're thinking about. xD

  • I'm pretty sure you'd prefer braces over crooked teeth though. Don't hate on braces. The end result will be beautiful.
    People use glasses because it's cheaper than messing with lenses all the time, plus it's less time consuming to put them on. Don't hate on people for not having perfect vision lol.
    I have a flat stomach because I just don't get fat from eating whatever I want. Has nothing to do with me being a health freak or not being able to enjoy life.
    I personally keep my nails short and unpainted because my job requires me to. I wash dishes and work around food. I don't want any nail polish chips to land in the food, and don't want to constantly break my nails either since the hot water softens them.
    I have hair on my arms. I'm a fucking mammal. So what lmfao.

    I understand some of these preferences but most of them just seem very petty, judgmental and immature to me. Like how/why do you even care about these little things?

    • Another dose of perfect logic from lumos :)

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    • Shush please. Shut yer respective cakeholes! This fellow needs his rest!

    • Oh honey, I bet you are so ugly that you'd have to pay ME for going through the trauma of looking at you!!

  • And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a brilliant example of a person basing womens level of attractiveness by what he sees on TV. Whether he realises thats what he's done or not.

    If you're going to tell women you do or dont like something, make sure its something they can actually change.

    Cracked heels can be changed, piercings are a choice, and straighteners exist.
    But height and braces especially are things that cannot be changed. I understand this is a preference, but word it less with 'dissapointment' and more, maybe 'not my preference'.

    And with the glasses, thats not a fad. That is people needing their vision corrected.

    • Braces are optional, nobody forces you to wear them.

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    • @John_Doesnt I think his my take was nice! I have nothing against this post! to each their own! But he is being a little nasty in the comments. I mean I dislike when men have are very muscular- there's nothing wrong with having a preference.

    • I agree with you... ._. @BaileyisDarcy

  • ... best of luck in finding a woman like that without being a major ass in the process.

    • You have nice body but if you had colored nails, you would be awesome.

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    • Guess you didn't pick up on what I actually meant by that.. πŸ˜’

    • @Mickey712 Explain then.

  • Hmm okay. I have short nails because I'm a nail biter.
    I have a tongue piercing.
    Sometimes I wear my hair curly, and sometimes I wear it straight.
    What matters the most is that I like myself.
    Since I have frequent admirers they seem to not mind either.
    I don't care about meeting up to every single persons expectation, it's unrealistic.
    But may I say, I think you have way too many!

    • And by the way, I hope you meet the criteria of perfection you are looking for.

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    • Gave it a go, and it's astounding how much self-awareness you lack. Funny how you preach to others that they don't know you and that they are stupid for making up 'extreme' scenarios, then you do it yourself. You expect people to take you seriously? Funniest about it is you can't seem to see that you, yourself can't handle other's differing opinions, so much so that you have to paint them as insecure and angry instead of just accepting that not everybody believes the bullshit you make up.

      It's adorable, you think your age makes you wiser and makes you smarter, when you're really just as goofy now as you were when you were a kid. "You're dismissed", hahahahahahaha, whatever makes you feel empowered, princess. Who am I to take your internet badassery away from you when you're weak IRL.

  • Let me see... you're single right?

    • And proud about it.

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    • @simplyadorable Not only. I wanted to made my point clear about how some girls are actually unattractive, when they THINK they are not.

    • So in their position, you'd rather be gloomy as hell, lazy as f*ck and angry to the world that you hate yourself and everyone else for being ugly? That is never a good solution and i pity whoever lives that way. I DON'T think your take sends out that message or just trolling...

  • Umm I can't see without my glasses. I would rather be ugly than get killed while crossing the street !

    • Lol glasses are cool and so are piercings, curly hair and flat stomach the guy above is high

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    • Your not ugly. You are very pretty. Don't worry. :)

    • What's your power anyway?

  • Well aren't you just a nitpicky sonuvagun?

  • things I dislike about men..
    men who care about petty things like the ones posted in this mytake,.

    • Well men care more about looks than women. This is backed up by science.

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    • It would be better if you had no picture as well. You know you are not as good looking as you think.

    • You're not as smart as you think.. I am a unicorn πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Painted long nails and waxed arms? Hahaha thank fuck most dudes don't even notice little shit like that. Never in a million years could I be bothered that that shit. Long nails are a pain in the ass and make everyday tasks more difficult, and nail Polish has to be maintained constantly or else it chips and looks much worse than just plain nails. Plus short nails are easier to keep clean. I actually just trimmed mine the other day because I got my period and didn't wanna be shoving a dirty long ass fingernail in my cooch when I put my Diva Cup in and take it out. Haha priorities - I got em!

    And who the fuck waxes their arms? Lol

    • Painted long nails, will give you extra points. And thanks for making me almost throw up. I hate it when women talk about periods, I find it gross.

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    • My nails are long and painted and I still haven't started my period yet. That's probably weird

    • @sara413 , damn what is wrong with you , girl? do you like being disgusting !! i have seen every possible disgusting thing u can imagine , working in medicine , but the way u describe things is way more disgusting than anything i have been through !! and even the bigger problem is that you like it !!! damn...

  • 14|2
  • So 2,4,5,6,7,9,10 are all reasons you'd dislike how I look.
    I have hair on my arm as do almost all women, I don't shave my legs constantly and all women have fine hair by their lips (some more noticeable).
    So literally I fall into 7 of those 10.
    Guess I'm ugly!
    I understand having an opinion but DAMN.
    Aren't you just a nitpicky sonofabitch.

    • πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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    • You keep doin' you young lady! Lol

      Most worthwhile dudes like a lady who's got some flavour rather than another generic factory model who looks like every other generic "hot" chick out there.

    • @Sara413 Thank you! and I know.

  • This is all fine. I have no problem with you having your preferences; everybody does. But the thing I DO have a problem with is this: "Aren't they aware that long and colored nails will boost their attractiveness?" Suggesting that women should cater themselves to the desires of men is not okay. Like I said, it's fine if these are the things you want in a woman, but don't you dare think that we're supposed to make ourselves attractive to you because that's what you prefer.

    • But they are GENERALLY better than short uncolored nails!!!

    • That's what YOU think. I can't wear my nails long because that prevents me from playing my instruments, and I rarely have time to color them because I'm so busy. I don't care what you or anyone else thinks about my nails, and it's wrong of you to suggest that I should.

  • So you're into fat girls that smoke and eat burgers, with over plucked eye brows and disgusting long nails... Ewwwk!! That's just effin'gross.. Most likely you'll do just fine attracting that type of girl... Cause us clean girls would be disgusted by a dirty person like that... I need a clean person!! Inside and out!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

    This take is too gross.. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ’©πŸ˜¬!!

    • More disgusting than braces?

    • Of course!! Very much so. Braces are not permanent..

  • Listing things that we don't find attractive in other people is easy. We can all do it. Everyone has preferences- that's normal. But once you start dealing with real humans out in real world, trying to find that one in a million person who is right for you, it gets more complicated. Those tiny, petty preferences usually become much less important. If you're lucky enough to find someone who you get along with, who likes you, and who you generally find attractive, are you really going to walk away just because they don't paint their fingernails? I'd like to see that happen.

    • Hehe. Well of course I'd ask her first why she doesn't. And I'd suggest her to dye them.

    • HAHAHA good luck with that.

  • I understand where you're coming from with all of this, but BRACES... really? I know that braces are optional, but which would you rather have: a woman who wears braces for a few years and then has perfect teeth for the rest of her life, or a woman who never gets braces (because they are "optional", as you stated in a reply to someone else's comment) and she ends up having unattractive, messed up teeth for her entire life.

    • Then she'd have to wait till she takes off the braces. But still bad teeth are better than looking like Robocop.

  • Well I failed at 4, 5,6,7, 9, and 10. But whatever floats your boat.

  • 1. Agree, I don't like braces
    2. I fail with this XD I don't like unibrows but thick brows look good for me
    3. Agree
    4. I like curly hair, but straight hair looks better in my opinion
    5. Strongly disagree, I have a flat stomach, I eat a lot and I smoke and drink, I do like to work out tho, and to avoid junk food as much as I can, but if I feel like eating a huge burger, I will freaking eat it. I prefer girls with flat stomach too.
    6. Agree. I'm not a fan of glasses.
    7. I'm short asf, so girls are usually only 4 inches smaller. I like them as tall as me or taller. I'm 5'2.
    8. I like piercings and I wanna get some in a couple of years.
    9. Nails are not something I care about. I bite my nails and I paint them when I feel like to, but I don't do it often. In men I like it when they're short, long nails in men are not attractive.
    10. I won't shave my arms even tho they're hairy lol. I agree with unshaved armpits, that's not attractive.

    by the way you're very visual lol

  • This is where you went wrong mister,
    1. Braces- People use it to fix their teeth, sometimes not just for aesthetics but for medical reasons as well. It looks kind of weird on some people, but it's worth it once they are gone.

    6. Glasses- You can't blame people for not having perfect vision. Some prefer wearing glasses because it's just more convenient and less expensive. I remember a friend of mine who forgot to take out her lenses before going to sleep and she woke up with red, itchy, sore eyes.

    9- Short, unpainted nails- Some girls choose to do this because they have to. It's a hassle to always maintain your nails and grown them longer. I prefer having neat, short tips over long ones. I grew it long before and it literally broke off from my nail bed when I was washing the dishes and it HURT.

    10- You don't understand why a woman would choose not to wax? Well, try to imagine what it is like to regularly slather hot wax to your skin and rip it off.

    But in the end...

    • 1) I had to wear as well, but I refused.

      6) I can't wear contacts as well, but I don't wear glasses when I go out. I want to look nice.

      9) But you look sexier with longer nails.

      10) Nobody wants to see a bear though.

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    • @ElissaDido Even if I was a blind rat I'd never wear them. I know I look like a fucking nerd with them so I avoid them. I want to look nice and attractive when I go out.

    • I guess it's different with everybody. Your vision may not be too bad since you can ditch the glasses but some people are not that lucky. Ask yourself, would these girls rather look like a fool for blindly tripping on things when they ditch them or look like a "nerd" as you put it?

      Yeah but longer nails can do more harm than good. I forgot to mention that nail that was torn off from my whole nail bed was infected badly and I've seen girls who had it worse. You shouldn't tolerate that shit.

      Very fine and thin arm hairs does not make you a bear.

      Well... just good luck with finding a girl to meet your exceptionally looowww standards.

  • Wow, then I'm unappealing as fuck to you as I used to have braces, I wear glasses, a flat stomach, I don't smoke, and I have short nails (for a good reason I might add). Not that it matters anyways, as I wouldn't date an anon troll. You said you have balls, but you don't want people to know who you are. That is hilarious.

    • Good reason? Like?

      And I bet you would look better without glasses. Ever tried?

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    • @dudeman I already know that but thanks.

    • i hope you didn't take that seriously. i was being sarcastic.

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  • media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lylj6eV7sE1qhisau.gif
    Guess there's really no accounting for taste. A girl world be a turn off because of a combination of factors, flaws are acceptable, they're human bro. And maybe you're forgetting. Good luck finding a girl who fits your bill tho. Everyone deserves someone after all.

  • I rate this trolling 7/10. It looks like you put in quite the effort and that's commendable but it isn't all that funny. Just cringeworthy.

  • all cracked heel ladies...

    my doors wide open ;)

  • Eh. Let the ladies burn. Why do they even care if one guy out of billions find them unattractive?
    And you, good. Everyone has one's preferences. Best of luck finding one. Guess you're going to have a hard time because your preferences are rigid but okay.

  • so... basically... a barbie with a bulge?
    well... can't hate if you like high maintenance girls...

  • 1) Braces can look cute on some girls, but obviously on most they don't. I don't really care too much though, cause once she gets rid of them, she's gonna have a beautiful smile.

    2) I don't like bushy eyebrows either.

    3) Same, cracked heels look awful.

    4) I'm not a big fan of curly hair, but it's not something I dislike.

    5) Flat stomachs are the best, it makes a woman look super hot.

    6) I find glasses pretty cute, actually, but it depends on the style.

    7) I like them short, but not more than 1 foot shorter. I prefer them to be around 5'5 and 5'7.

    8) They look good, but they don't feel that good.

    9) Don't care about this

    10) Hair on arms is ok as long as it's not too much. Armpit hair is a big NO; get rid of that shit.

    Nice Take though, I mean, I don't agree with most, but it's your opinion.

    • He's a troll.. obviously

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    • @musicbrain5 Well that's even worse... what a douche. At least you dodged a bullet, and it ended up great for you, since now you're married.

    • @musicbrain5 Whoa, hold on. Thanks for admitting it at least. Is it really bad for someone to have an opinion about a woman's looks? I said what I believe. Is it so bad? Sorry but I don't accept it.

  • you must like the ugliest chicks... hey, more for the rest of us :P

    • Ugliest?

      Do you fancy girls with hairy arms and bushy eyebrows? Or with cracked heels and glasses?

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    • @musicbrain5 what's you got? he responded

      lol, hard to get hard bruh when you have a vagina! :D

    • At 165 lbs I still weigh more than you, anon.

      Anon dicks are always fucking giant. Where's Guinness World Records when we need them?

  • Likes, dislikes, attractiveness these are subjective to a person. That's fine you dislike these things, I understand.

  • Good luck finding a girl like that! No one is perfect and it's gonna take awhile for you to be in a relationship if u don't ignore these imperfections. I doesn't matter what's on the outside but the inside

    • How are you this sweet and insightful at 16? This guy right here will never have a problem getting girls.

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    • Trust me, give it a few more years and you absolutely WILL! I promise :)

  • 1) braces are temporary! And once they are off the perfect teeth have a perfect smile.. Which will make your day every morning...
    2) Bushy eyebrows!.. MY first crush had it and my God it turned me on.. If you consider @thunderstorms having Bushy eyebrows, then I freaking love it, but it suits on only some girls.. Like Diana...
    3) yes, heels need to be taken care off..
    4) curly hairs are sex symbol dude!.. All girls look nice In curly hairs.. But straight is fine by my side..
    5) flat stomach is beyond sexy!.. MY girl let's eat carelessly and then work out and burn it all and return to flat stomach.. Do you agree @WhatTheHellAmy
    6) glasses can be turn on and turn off depending upon how stylish the glass frame it..
    7) Height.. Above 5.0 I am fine.. I am 5.9 and I prefer tall girls.. I am willing to go till 6.5..
    8) Piercing - I hate it, I hate.. It... Hate... It...
    9) I am cool with unpainted nails,.. But painted make them look better but can be a lot of work.. So she can paint if she likes...
    10) Yeah!.. Waxed is sexy!.. But I personally find some hairs on her hands on that soft skin quite alluring...

    • 1) Then she'll have to wait, till she takes them out.
      2) I'll be honest about my opinion, but Thunderstorms looks like a 70s MALE Glam Rocker in her picture. No offense, but this is what I believe. And yeah those are bushy.
      3) Exactly!
      4) Straight is better I believe.
      5) OK but I prefer something to grab personally. As long as she's not a fucking health-freak, it's fine.
      6) Turn off anyway, for me.
      7) Have you ever met any girl who's 6'5"? I've hardly seen girls above 6' in flats. Maybe they might reach 6' with heels on, but still it's uncommon. Most girls in my area range from 5'3" up to 5'5" on average. Taller ones are 5'6" to 5'8" and shorter ones 5' to 5'2" anything under or above is uncommon.
      8. I like piercings personally, and tattoos as well. But for some reason I dislike tongue piercing. And by the way people should learn to put "8" + "." instead of "8" + ")". It's a common mistake.
      9) They look fabulous with colored nails!!!
      10) Hairs on hand? Gross!

    • totally agree lol

      abs are a preference for me

  • I dont hate those...
    thats what make her a human and not a wax statue

  • Amazing.
    Almost everything you mentioned... doesn't bother me in the slightest.

    My only gripes are
    -bad breath
    -stinky smells

  • Funny, a lot of these are things I actually like...

    Braces are hot.
    Flat stomach, hell yes.
    Love them short, I'm 6'0" and my preference is 4'9"
    Piercing in tongue is very hot as well.

    On the other hand, curly hairs I dislike. Hairy girls as well. And I probably belong to the minority that thinks long and styled nails are attractive.

    • Braces are hot? How?
      That's 15" difference in total. She'll look tiny even with heels on. It would be really difficult when you are about to kiss each other. Not to mention 4'9" is very uncommon. Unless you go in a place like Philippines.

  • I agree with 8, and 7 and 10 a little.
    But holy fuck you're picky.

  • I think glasses are really cute.

    The only one from this list that is off-putting to me is the arm hair and pierced tongue.

    • You are literally the 1000th guy who says glasses are cute. No matter how many years will go by, still I won't get it.

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    • Again isn't it like wearing a mask?

    • No, you can still tell who it is.

  • Hmm, number 1 possibly... only because it usually means they're too young. The rest of them are what make women interesting and unique from each other though.

  • vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

    "Never understood why a woman would choose to have her nails short or unpainted. Aren't they aware that long and colored nails will boost their attractiveness?"


    Painting their nails are one of the most unattractive things a girl can do!

  • I like bushy eyebrows.


    Isn't Cara gorgeous?

  • I hate when pussies like this one put their dumb views and hide as anonymous

  • This guys, is an example of the anonymous feature being abused

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