20 Fashion Trends I Dislike On Women

Fashion trends come and go. Others are good, others are bad and others are...well, they make you want to puke. Especially when they don't suit the person, and they do it just in order to be in. Anyway, those are the most horrible trends I've seen (either in pictures or in real life) so far.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Afro hair (peak: Second half of 70s and mid 00s by some degree.)

Disco music was really big by then and likewise Afro hair. Guys followed this trend too as well. Whilst in black girls this hairstyle might look passable, when white girls were trying to adopt it, it looked really awful. For some reason I can't explain, Afro hair became popular again for a small period during mid 00s. Anyway, straight hair look way better in my opinion.

2) Bandanna (peak: 50s)

A popular, yet awful accessory popular in the 50s. Just don't try to adopt this style, unless you want to look like a maid.

3) Beanies (peak: since 90s)

Since this DAMNED Grunge culture started, then beanies became an accessory for women as well, in winter season. Just...take it off please. Beanie covers your hair which is unflattering. Also it makes you look like a dog.

4) Brown-Red lipstick (peak: 90s)

She really looks like, she has eaten some chocolate ice-cream and forgot to wipe herself. A very bold color that makes your lips being...too much.

5) Checkered shirt (peak: present)

You look like a tablecloth, seriously.

6) Crocs (peak: since 00s -maybe-)

I don't know how and why this thing became popular (not massive but popular by a good degree). They are not cool (if you thought so) and they add you many years.

7) Fake Tan (when it goes wrong) (peak: Since 90s maybe?)

If it's successful it's fine. If it goes wrong though, then you'll look more orange than brown, which is unflattering. But if you happen to be among those people who are unable to tan then you have no more options, except following this method. Just pray it will be successful.

8. Flip hairstyle (peak: 60s)

Especially when it's coupled with this bow it's absolutely horrendous and really childish, when you see it on adult women. Please don't try to ring it back on the surface.

9) Flower crown (peak: 60s and Present)

Once a popular trend during the original hippie era, it surfaced once again in our days. Although it's not a phenomenon, I see more often girls with a flower crown on their heads, than like 10 years ago. Plainly ridiculous if you ask me, and it really doesn't suit modern girls. Why? Because the whole concept behind the flower crown, was Back To Nature. You can't wear this thing when you carry a smartphone and a tablet.

10) Long Dresses (peak: all-time classic)

In those high-class circles this thing is an all-time classic for centuries. I never liked it personally. It looks way too much to the point it makes you look ridiculous.

11) Massive hats (peak: first decades of 20th century)

If this thing becomes mainstream again, I'll lose any faith I have for humanity. I don't think any rational woman will accept to wear this thing in our days.

12) Military uniforms (peak: 40s)

I don't know if they were actually working for the military, or they were wearing those uniforms for fashion's sake, but if you see pictures from the 40s, then you will see many women dressing in this manner. Totally unflattering.

13) Multiple buns (peak: 90s)

It's really pathetic when girls try to imitate some singer's hairdo (Gwen Stefani's in this case). It's not cool especially if it doesn't suit you. And this particular one was really...scary. Just hope it won't become mainstream again.

14) Nerdy glasses. (peak: 50s-60s and Present)

I really pray for this trend to end. Even if a girl is beautiful, when she wears those scary big glasses...well I can't go on. Why do they want to look ugly? I never imagined this thing would become a trend one day. And what's worse, many girls who don't have an eyesight issue, wear glasses with frames only, just in order to be in. What can I say?

15) Overalls (peak: late 90s)

Hope this trend will never come back. If a girl wears this thing she looks like a plumber.

16) Shaved from one side (peak: present)

Just....don't. It looks really weird and asymmetric.

17) Shirts from "edgy" bands (peak: since posers started to appear)

I mean those girls (and guys obviously) who wear shirts from bands like Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Pink Floyd (are Pink Floyd really edgy to them?) , etc. Never understood the mentality of those people. You want to show off that you know a band that 99 out of 100 people know? I really wonder how many albums have they listened to from each band. I hate Radiohead and Nirvana for example, but I've listened to the most part of their whole discography, to form an opinion about them. As for them who claim they love the band they wear...how much of their stuff do they actually know?

18. Spiky Hair (peak: second half of the 90s)

Spiky hair, don't suit at least 95% among the total female population. But it's another proof that there are tons of fashion victims around the world.

19) Thick eyebrows (peak: before 90s and present)

The first thing that comes to my mind, when I see a girl with such eyebrows is, You look like a guy with long hair. Never understood how this thing came back, but thin eyebrows are definitely better.

20) Victory Rolls (peak: 50s)

It was usually coupled with this horrendous bandanna (see #2 ). I don't understand women who try to attempt this, but please don't. It looks weird and it makes your hair like a beehive.


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  • Amen to most of these! I agree that a lot of those things are tacky. You and I are probably the only ones that don't like thick brows xD Everyone else seems to love them thick. Yeah they're "natural", but I don't see how messy bushy brows look any better than thin, defined, and neat brows.
    Though, I would disagree with reddish brown lipstick (it looks good because it has red in it, otherwise meh), flower crowns ( it looks pretty on young girls), long dresses, and big hats ( a plain black hat without all the 17th century decorations on top looks good).

    • Glad to know there are women who find thick brows disgusting.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I actually agree with most of this.

    The ones i like are 1, 4, 5 and 14


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What Girls Said 29

  • i think thick eyebrows and natural hair are fine

  • I love almost all of these. =)


    (Except beanies, crocks and fake tans... xD)

  • For one the first hair is short and curly not afro.

    This is afro texture hair:

    And this is curly hair

    There's a difference in the curl patterns and the way the hair feels.

    Secondly Alicia Keys is mixed! She's half black, that's not a fake tan she's got on she naturally can get darker.

    Having a hair texture other than straight isn't a "trend" it's the way people naturally look. There's nothing wrong with it, in fact I find curly hair to be the most beautiful hair and yeah it is the most diverse. Girls with curly hair can keep it the way it is, make it straight if they want to, have loose waves if they want to, they can braid it, they can do nearly ANYTHING they want. You're a terrible person to insinuate that people who don't look like you are ugly and should change the way they're supposed to naturally look because it's seen as a horrid fashion trend in your stupid eyes.

  • Umm, yeah Afro hair is not a fashion trend lmao it's just the natural texture of some people's hair and fortunately not everybody is gonna put a shitload of chemicals onto their head just to please the boring mainstream. So well, deal with it..

    • I'm glad I wasn't born with Afro hair at least, otherwise I wouldn't have many options for various hairstyles.

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    • @Dog19 who? I still don't understand who exactly you're talking to tbh

    • The my take owner

  • The Afro thing was offensive. I'm gonna wear my hair in it's natural state whether men like it or not :)

  • Afro hair, you mean you dislike women of colour having their hair in a way that's natural? Wow. Also band tee's, so people can't wear tee's of bands they like? What are people allowed to wear then cause according to this list, people can't wear anything.

    • And you posted Alicia Keys under the tan comment... racist much?

    • The least racist person on earth.

    • Yeah sure you are, you've basically slandered women of colour in this take.

  • 0|0
    • The fifth girl looks best... actually she's one of the few who can pull off the spiky hair look.

    • Spiky hair are easier to care for than long hair, and they're fun. If it suited me, I'd do it in a heartbeat

    • that spiky hair looks fucking hideous. Like someone cut your hair with a strimmer.

  • It's been awhile, Klaatu.

    • Thanks for giving me the chance to downvote you, now that is finally back. I owed it from you for a long time.

    • Lmao, have at it mate.

  • The first thing I saw was 'Afro Hair'. Hahahahaha wow.
    I will wear my hair in it's natural afro state because I love it... and it's healthier.

  • "afro hair": u kno that comes out of some of our heads right XD
    "deep tan": Lol that's alicia keys, she's black.
    "glasses": need that to see

    tbh i love most of these

    • I thought it was Alicia Keys but wasn't 100% sure, so thank you! This take is so racist 😒 I'm disgusted.

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    • @Blonde401 Yeah, I hate when anybody makes fun of anyone's natural anything. Like no one can help the way they look.

    • @Relentless_Hippie exactly!! Everyone should just stop insulting each other for 5 mins and call it 'having an opinion'.

  • Sorry you think my natural hair is a trend lol #Bornwithit #Proudofit

  • Okay. Whatever you say dude, not wondering why you are ano, some of these are silly but mostly... Deal with it, I can have thick eyebrows if I want to. I've spoken. Bye.

    • I don't hide from anyone, most people know who I am anyway.

  • I love most of these trends lol.

    *I had one side of my head shaved

    *I like plaid shirts

    *I've been wearing glasses since I was 4 and I've never felt like I rocked glasses better then when I got these nerd ones.

    *I was natural and had a fro but I'm black so I had no choice.

    Man I really like these trend's

  • I'm not wild about a lot of these either. I've always just said "no thanks" when someone told me I would try some of these out (i. e. overalls, spiky hair). I've never understood why anyone would do something just because it's in style, and I've never really been with the "in" crowd or very fashionable.
    Back when the pregnant shirts and the haircut that is super short in the back and longer in the front were "in", I didn't like either of those and never understood why they became so popular.

  • I love afro hair, beanies, bandana and long dresses

  • Or... just let everyone wear whatever they want. I think the crowd looks best with some variation!

  • What you call beanies we call a toque up north & try being outside in 30-40 below zero weather without one.

  • A sidecut and curly/afro hair? Really? :(
    I love both of them.

  • lmfao I feel I know you
    cs some dislikes are deja vu lol

    • Yes I'm the biggest glasses hater here, perhaps.

  • I'm just here for the comments.

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  • I actually agree with most of these. And Crocs are just AWFUL. :P

    I will say that I've always loved elegant dresses and the big hats on women. Certainly not for everyday use and they can be TOO big but man, love the hats I see at the Kentucky Derby sometimes. :)

  • I totally agree on:
    Victory Rolls, Shaved hair from one side, Overalls, Multiple Buns, Military Uniforms, Massive Hats, Fake tan gone wrong, Crocs and Spiky Hair (although I bet someone could pull it off).
    I'm undecided on:
    Bandanas (I think some look really nice), Brown/Red lipstick (again some look nice, some look a little cheap), Flower Crown (the girl you show looks good) and Edgy band shirts.
    I actually like:
    Long dresses, Thick eyebrows (sometimes), Nerdy Glasses, Beanies (so cute), Flip Hairstyle, Afro hair and checkered shirts.

  • I actually like beanies and plaid and I honestly think the plastic framed glasses in fashion now are better than the small frame less ones of the past. But I agree with some of this

  • Bring on the haters. You can't criticise shit about women's appearance on this site without getting at least 5 opinions saying "I don't dress to impress men or other people. I do it for myself".

  • I really hate 16 (shaved from one side) and I dislike 4 (brown red lipstick) and 15 (overalls). I don't have a preference for any other of these 20 trends, but I don't dislike anyone else.

  • I like thick eyebrows. Agree with the rest though.

    The worst? The part shaven hair. Nothing says I'm desperate for attention like that does.

    • Those t-shirts with the bands are horrendous as well. and definitely desperate for attention.

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    • I never said they were. I have a Disrupt shirt from my supervisor (if you don't know who they are, google them, they're an older band) as well as a few shirts from bands like Pierce the Veil (not super edgy I know but hey they're good live), Rise Against, and Nirvana.

    • @FallOutBoy2001 never heard of them. Except Nirvana.

  • A few I agree with, like multiple buns. They just look weird
    But what's wrong with thick eyebrows?

    • Too masculine.