What I Find Unattractive in Women.

1: Controlling

I do not like a woman who will tell me what to do, asking is better. lol

What I Find Unattractive in Women.

2: Liars and manipulators.

If someone tells a small lie, that leads to bigger lies. I do not need that.

What I Find Unattractive in Women.

3: Narcissist.

If a woman loves her self that much, there is no room for anything else. It would always be all about her.

What I Find Unattractive in Women.

4: Druggies and drunks.

Doing drugs and being an alcoholic just leads to bad things. She would lie and steal to just get the next fix or bottle.

5: Bitches

It is good to be a bitch when needed, but not be totally mean to everyone just because.

6: Players

Yes, this is toward women. Usually when people her "player" they think of men, but some women are also.

7: Fake

This goes along with lying and manipulating. A woman who acts different around certain people or in public.

8: Lazy

I do not like it when a woman will just sit all day on social media and expect the guy to do everything.

There might be other ones as well, but if you ask, I will tell. I am 100% honest.


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  • I'm gonna come out and say this but my ex partner (who was male) would say I am all of these things when actually it was him who was all the above and noone else has ever described me like that. Hypocrisy is also unattractive.

    • I so totally agree. I had an girlfriend that I confronted about her liking another guy and seeing him once in a while after they got off work. She told me there was nothing going on. Then, when I did one mess up, she went totally crazy and so I had to move. After 5 years of being with her, and even proposed, but she said she would never marry again. About 7 months after I was gone, she married the guy I confronted her about. So, I kind of know how you feel and am sorry he did that to you.

    • I'm sorry for you too but we have both done the right thing, so cheers to love in life! :)

    • Cheers!

  • Not out exactly but I can display some of these.

    • What do you mean display some? lol.

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    • Whoops. I mean almost no one is 100% honest.

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  • 9. Feminist


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  • Drugs are great. You do know most drug-users are not addicts right?

    • It all depends on the drug. What kinds are you talking about?

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    • Yeah sure, but I don't hang around people who do meth or heroin. You choose your company. Plus I appear very straight laced and my family is very conventional anti-drug middle class so I'm not a target. Drug users around me generally take non-dependency forming stuff like MDMA, weed and psychedelics and are usually very intelligent, wealthy and well-adjusted. If anything I see more alcoholic behaviour, but people don't steal they generally get into bad economic situations. I see some cocaine usage, but it's sporadic because it's so diluted and expensive here, I'm also not close to those people. It's all about who you involve yourself with

    • Exactly. You have a very good point.

  • Agree on all of that. But I wonder why some guys like women like that.

    • well maybe sometimes that woman still manages to treat him well. and if not, he just has low self esteem

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    • well good for you for getting out of it

    • @Porcelaine Thanks.

  • agree


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  • Same here


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